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  1. erenkara

    Script Custom Arrows 1.0.0

    This resource allows you to create your own custom arrows easily within minutes. Installation Put the script file inside your scripts folder. Requires skript-reflect and SkBee. Usage 1. Create a custom arrow and register it using the register function. Do not register 2 or more arrows with the...
  2. A

    Shoot arrow from location to player

    Hey! So the goal for this skript is to have this ability type item that allows you to create a helper that will stand still and shoot arrows towards the victim Skript: on damage: if name of tool of attacker is "&c&lArcher Ability": create a citizen named "&c&l%attacker%&c&l's...
  3. S

    Bow cooldown

    Hello, I need help to make shooting with the bow to be used again in 2 seconds
  4. FistoF

    Ring-shaped particle projectile

    Category: Weapons Suggested name: Set For Stun Spigot/Skript Version: Whichever is the newest at the time of making the script. What I want: A bow that shoots 1 blue ring-shaped particle projectile that gives a Blindness, Slowness and a negative Jump Boost effects to the victim for 20 seconds...
  5. E

    Hypixel SkyBlock Aiming

    Hey, I want to do the aiming of Hypixel SkyBlock. you shoot with a bow and the arrow flies normally when there is a mob on the way. Then he changes the direction and flies to him. If he moves he follows him
  6. TenToTu Sho

    Arrow Shotgun spread works incorrectly

    So I've seen a post asking for a Shotgun spread with a bow, but I can't seem to make it work properly. on shoot: shooter is a player set {_arrowSpeed} to {arrowSpeed::%shooter%} * 2 set {_entity} to "%shooter%" parsed as entity type {trishot.dontshoot::%shooter%} is not true...
  7. G

    Arrow spread?

    Hey i have a question how do i make arrows spread just like a shotgun (i am a starter skripter) this is my code: on leftclick: player is holding stone hoe named "&2Shotgun" player has a ghast tear named "&bShotgun ammo" remove 1 ghast tear named "&bShotgun ammo" from player's inventory...
  8. R

    How to send a sound or message when a projectile hits an item frame

    How to send a sound or message when a projectile hits an item frame? Can I also prevent the item frame from being deleted in that case?
  9. R

    Solved How to send a sound or message when a projectile hits an item frame

    How to send a sound or message when a projectile hits an item frame? Can I also prevent the item frame from being deleted in that case?
  10. S

    Homing arrows

    Hey, Is there any way I can create homing arrows with Skript? Homing Arrows = Arrows that fly around corners to hit the player I am using a 1.8 Server with an old version of Skript Thx, Skayar
  11. E

    Particles around arrow

    hey, I tried to make arrows with particles on a 1.8.8 server but it doesn't work. There are no erros but nothing happens, when i shoot an arrow! on shoot: projectile is arrow: while ground state of projectile is false: play heart at projectile wait 1 tick...
  12. P

    Remove bow after shooting arrow

    Hello, I want to make that if a player throw an arrow, and then the player has no arrows left, the bow will be deleted. on projectile shoot: if player has arrow: remove bow from player
  13. A


    Anybody knows how to make an arrow despawn when it doesn't hit a player?
  14. TheBlazeTuber

    Solved Adding coordinates to set variable

    Minecraft Version: 1.12.2 Full Code: if player has permission "tbt.wands.netherwand.arrowrain": if name of player's tool is "&4Nether Wand": cancel event if line 1 of lore of player's tool is "&4Arrow Rain": set...
  15. Skaya

    Change Hitbox 1.8

    Is there a way to make a player's hitbox smaller or larger? Or I there a way to don't hit invisibel players? (By Arrow: The Arrow shouldn't get block by the invisibel player) Please don't write that i should upgrade my Minecraft version.
  16. Mirthfire

    Solved Rain of Arrows

    Category: Weapons, Magic Suggested name: Rain of Arrows What I want: When a player throws a Snowball named Rain of Arrows in air, a bundle of arrows will rain down from 10 blocks above the target enemy. Crafting Recipe: 8 Arrows around 1 Feather Ideas for permissions: spell.arrowrain When...
  17. W

    Skript Arrow Effects Tutorial

    Hello Everyone, all this tutorial requires is Skript Today, I'll be making a tutorial on arrow effects. There are 3 other effects that can be used. They are endersignal, fire, and smoke. Today, I'll be showing you the explode effect. Now, we will be coding the event, the permission, and to...