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  1. V

    Armour equip event not working

    Hello, I have installed SharpSK, and I am trying to make armour add a stat when equipped and remove it when unequipped. The unequipping event works removes the stat when unequipped, but the equip event doesn't seem to be adding the stat. Can anyone help? No errors are displayed when reloading...
  2. cuddlytrap

    Please help

    I have tried making a skript where if you wear armour with a certain name, you get an effect. It detects when you change your armour but it doesnt give you the effect when you have the full set on. Please help This is my skript: on armor change: execute console command "/effect clear...
  3. J

    Damage loop-entity accounting for armour.

    I'm trying to make a super smash mobs remix using item projectiles. Having trouble damaging entities accounting for what armour they have on. Example I damage loop-entity by 2 with no armour and it deals 2 hearts of damage while I damage loop-entity by 2 with full diamond armour and does the...
  4. P

    On damage of tool or armour

    How can I do this? On damage of tool: if {ata.%player%} is true: cancel event On damage of armour: if {ata.%player%} is true: cancel event
  5. E

    Help pls with Armour and lore

    so i was try to to use lore and put a lore called like flash for example right but i i want it so when the player wears the any boots with &6Flash I to have speed 1 but when they take off the boots with &6Flash I they wont get speed how do i do that cause i tried and i keep getting errors so...