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  1. Jake

    Addon Lusk 1.1

    Lusk is a Misc Skript Addon that adds a lot of useful features to Skript! A lot is planned for Lusk, stay tuned. Contact me on discord @JakeGBLP or open an issue in case there's one. SkriptHub Docs SkUnity Docs
  2. T

    Delete Armorstand Bug

    Skript Version: V8 Minecraft Version: 1.16.5 on rightclick on any stairs: spawn armor stand at location below event-block set {_entity} to last spawned entity rotate {_entity} around z-axis by 180 degrees set visibility of {_entity} to false make player ride {_entity}...
  3. A

    Armor stand helmet not working

    Alright so I have this problem where I can't get it to spawn dirt when I type in /spawnas dirt. It doesn't spawn anything and I tried changing "set {_2} to arg-1" to "set {_2} to dirt" and that worked. Please help me, thanks. command /spawnas [<text>]: trigger: set {_1} to location...
  4. C

    Move Armor Stand

    Hi I have a problem with when I move my armor stand it will only move 1 block at a time when it's inside another block but when it gets outside the block it moves smoothly video: my code: set {_temp} to {crates.location2} remove 1.5 from y-coordinate of {_temp} spawn a...
  5. sluhtie

    ArmorStand Particles [SkDragon]

    Hello, currently I am trying to make a ArmorStand spiral particle effect with SkDragon. My Problem is that the Skript loads without any errors but it still doesen't work. Maybe someone can help me out a bit? Here is my current Code: command /test: trigger: loop all entities...
  6. G

    Armorstand cars

    So I am looking for someone who can make a skript that allows players to select an item from a gui. When clicked the item will spawn on a rideable armorstand in front of you. With rideable i mean like you can sit on it and control it with WASD. The picture has been taken on craftventure...
  7. B

    Armorstand Head Rotations

    Hey, I'm wondering if there is any other way to smoothly rotate a armorstands head or just the armorstand, right now I've tried adding nbt's to it but it isn't as smooth as I would like it, Is there any other way to smoothly rotate the armorstand? Like Vectors or something? What I'm using...
  8. Mikioul

    Remove indesirable NBT

    Hello, i have a command to get a command block to spawn a custom entity execute player command "/setblock ~ ~ ~ command_block 0 replace {Command:/summon armor_stand ~ ~ ~ %nbt of {ast.edit.%player%}%}" In "%nbt of {ast.edit.%player%}%" there should be the nbt of the armorstand.. But i have...
  9. M

    Solved Armor stand-gui

    Hey there i wondered ig anyone could give me a hand. im currently using dice furniture and i want to make it so when a player right click a certain armour stand it will open a gui. Ideally the gui would change depending on stand they right click. I only know the very basic elements of skript...