an internal error

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  1. O

    internal error occurred while trying to execute this command

    command /sell: trigger: set {_stone} to amount of stone in player's inventory set {_coal} to amount of coal in player's inventory * 2 set {_iron} to amount of iron ingot in player's inventory * 5 set {_gold} to amount of gold ingot in player's inventory * 10...
  2. U

    /sk not working PLSSSS HELP

    so i run a swifthosting server and when i run /sk or /skript it says and this is console
  3. Richard_Trol

    Problem with reloading scripts

    Everytime when I reload the scripts (I tested it just with the file you can download below too) it says An internal error occurred while attempting to perform this command Because I use 1.8.8 I have Skript 2.2-dev27, SkQuery, ExtrasSK, SKAction, SkMorkaz, SkStuff, MundoSK, skUtilities...