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  1. TimeStellar

    Every tick doesn't work with variable

    I am making a action bar for health and when i tried to show the variable it says that there is no player in a particular event Here is the code every 1 tick: send action bar "&c%{myhp.%player%}%&7/&c%{mymaxhp.%player%}%" to players
  2. Z

    !NEED HELP ASAP, PLEASE! Sending action bar to a player stored in a metadata value

    So I have made a skript look like this: on damage: if victim is not a player: if attacker is a player: if name of attacker's tool is "&6Sweeper": loop all mobs in radius 5 of victim: if loop-entity is not victim: damage loop-entity by damage / 2...
  3. VerySmashing

    Send Action Bar "" to Loop-Player not working.

    Hello, I looked around in the forums to see if others were having the same problem as me, but theirs were fixed by my problem. :( I am working on a minecraft rpg server, which is for a specific fandom I like. I'm trying to create a battle skript, but this specific part that I'm having issues...
  4. T

    Stop Action bar

    Hello, I wanted to know how to make so if a player hits another player, it will stop the action bar, for example. I made a timer using the action bar, that displays 30 seconds, I want the Timer (Action bar) to disappear when hitting a player Thanks in advance, Tully.