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  1. The0Felon

    Skript With Modded Items

    when i start my server, it says "Minecraft id xxx is not valid" I saw somebody fixed it with aliases but it doesnt worked for me. I saw somebody fixed it with variables too but i didnt understand it. How can i fix it? Running on Java 17.0.8 (Oracle Corporation) Magma version...
  2. F

    Server stops when skript loads

    Hello I when ever I put some files into skript it just dose not load them they are about 1k lines each and I have 11 skripts and they just don't load and if the server dose start up the skripts are not loaded when I try to load me they close the server... If you have any ideas on what may be...
  3. N

    Possible solutions?

    Hello why is this not working? https://pastebin.com/AGzShPpw But this one is working? https://pastebin.com/8KZmcL4M I tried a lot of possible solutions but removing the "if location of event-block is location(48.5, 123.5, 57.5):" is the only one that works but yeh i want it to be like the...
  4. nuty79

    Skript /ping won't work!

    Hello guys! Im making a Skript server and i want a scoreboard with player's ping. %player's ping% won't work... Does somebody knows why or which addon I need? (Im from germany sry for bad english) Thx
  5. E

    How can i make an animated Crate?

    Hello guys! I wanted to ask how i can make a animated crate? yk when you open it, it will go from right to left and the item in the mid wins the user when the animation stoped. Can someone pls help me?
  6. E

    Message to player with most damage (enderdragon)

    Hello guys, i need help. with my ender dragon event. If a player did the most damage, he has to get a present or something like that. But how can i do it? Here is my code: https://pastebin.com/UaUxZj5D it's not the full code btw :) only this part is necessary i gues
  7. M

    Solved Need help with skript-reflect and bungeebridge

    Skript Version: 2.6.1 Server Version:1.18.2 (Paper) Bungee Version: Waterfall So i wanted to do a /kick command on an bungeecord with skript-reflect. Im using the BungeeBridge API but it just outputs nothing: import: me.dommi2212.BungeeBridge.packets.PacketKickPlayer...
  8. N

    Item with lives help

    I wanna make an item with lives that if item lives is not less than 1 it wont drop the item on player's death but if item lives is 0 it will break/drop the item. Can someone help me with this? Thank you in advance! https://pastebin.com/SFhFfHrQ
  9. N

    Solved Tips in scripting and help in regions

    Hello, I'm gonna go straight into what I really plan. If you guys can help me I'm really gonna appreciate it. The script is working well but I do have some future plans that I can no longer handle without asking for some tips or help. Basically these 2 scripts are for: All region break...