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  1. G

    [HELP] [SKRIPT] Mobs spawning within a radius randomly

    Hey so what i want is: every 10 secounds between 0 60 0 and 10 60 10 5 zombies spawn in random spots in that area If you can do anything to help please do so and reply anyway so it can get boosted <3
  2. E

    Rightclick event with item named

    Hey guys :D I tried a troll skript for admins that allows me to shoot fireballs with a stick named "Feuerball Stock" BUT i doesn't work for me.. Here is the code: on rightclick: if player's tool is a stick: if player's tool name is "&4Feuerball Stock": send message "debug1"...
  3. V

    Create citizens with skript?

    How do I create citizens with skript? I am making a horror game and I want that a random npc spawns in front of them and 2 seconds later despawns, and with despawn I mean like completely removed. I can't find ways to do that anywhere in the docs and all the addons are outdated. I'm on 1.18.1 btw.
  4. I

    Gui with Sign

    Hi there! so i would like to make a GUI shell if u could call it that around groupmanager and I was thinking about nameing groups with a sign GUI like storing the input you typed on a line. I tryied to read the https://forums.skunity.com/threads/pikachus-snippets.4304/ installed the plugins but...