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  1. I

    (Help) Per player virtual chests without addons

    I am trying to create a virtual chest system. The idea is that users can open at least 3 containers using /container 1, 2, 3, and that the stored items do not disappear on restart. Yes, it is a kind of virtual chests. I would like you to give me an example code, (preferably without addons) it...
  2. DarkKingMW

    Economy System (UUID's + yaml + Vault hook)

    Hello I'm looking for a money skript that works with .yaml files and is best linked to vault and it should be with uuid's thanks in advance
  3. T

    specific item with no permision to enchant

    hello i was wondering how can i make it so that when the first item has a specific name it will not be able to enchant with books and swords on the anvil I tried this but returned an error I tried too there was an error too server is 1.16.4
  4. E

    Solved Cant change players display name

    so im trying to change players display name but the command wont show ingame and when im removing the line "set player's display name to "name" " it shows up (Version 1.16.4) command /test: trigger: if player has permission "admin.user": set player's display name to...