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  1. Natalciuu

    Solved Trying to set blocks in an area between 2 points

    Im trying to build a prison skript from the ground up and ive run into an issue with reseting the mines. I cannot get them to set the blocks in the entire area. It creates a line of blocks inbetween instead of making it fill the entire area. My Code for it: every 10 seconds in world "Prison"...
  2. I

    Ikey Survival

    Join the 1.16 survival economy server! Ikey Survival is a survival server based around the community. The plan of the server is to make a enjoyable survival economy server with features suggested and voted upon by the community. We want to make sure that our server is enjoyable by having polls...
  3. KrazyManJ

    Remove skript:<command> from 1.16 tab completion

    Hello, today i found this thing, and i want get rid of this: I know, if player doesn't have permission for that, it won't appear, but with permission for command it will. I tried to do it with SkBee: on tab complete: if event-string contains "skript": cancel event but effect...
  4. P

    Solved Custom Workbench

    Is it able to make a custom workbench like at hypixel skyblock and if so, how? Thanks for your answers! :)
  5. Chazz

    Offering Chazz | Quick and Affordable Server Trailers | Over 20+ Happy clients | 1.16.1 COMPATIBLE

    Hey, Are you looking to have a trailer for your server? Well you got to the right place, I offer a variety of prices for the trailers. All I require is access to you server and the servers official logo, the song can be also chosen by you. We discuss The details and all when you have DM'ed me...
  6. Sorbon

    ColorUtils 1.16+ (Skript 2.6)

    Color Utils By Mr. Darth and Sorbon 12.11.2022 Bugfix MC 1.19.2 / Skript 2.6.3 Skript broky, here fixy You only need to update the Rainbow function ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This...
  7. xultraalphax

    How to make this script more efficient

    Hello! I want to make this skript more optimized because it laggs my server so much. command /grass [<text>]: aliases: /fű, /fu, /weed trigger: if arg-1 is not set: if {grass.%player%} is false: set {grass.%player%} to true send "&6MN &8»&7 Sikeresen...
  8. xultraalphax

    Solved Minecraft tall plant names

    Hello! I am trying to make a skript where loop-block is replaced but I don't know how are tall plants called. I have already tried their minecraft names and ids. My code: loop all blocks in radius 6 around {at.%player%}: if loop-block is flower or *idk what here*: if...
  9. WhoCutTheCheese

    Solved (Repost I'm dum dum) Report skript

    I have a report skript were you report a player and it'll open a GUI and you click what to report for... After you click that I want it to send the report message to a player with a certain permission. I'm using SkQuery. command report <player>: trigger: open chest with 3 rows...