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  1. YourFavoritePerson

    Resource World - Every Survival server needs this

    could you make it so when you run a command like /saveworld it set’s the variable {_save} to the world, then when you run the command /returnworld if the variable {_save} is set, it sets the world to that variable? don’t know if that made sense so here’s an example of what i’m looking for...
  2. YourFavoritePerson

    Tuske wont work?

    whats your discord? I made a new account
  3. YourFavoritePerson

    Sidebar Help

    I’ve tried this but it just creates more errors
  4. YourFavoritePerson

    Solved Online players execute player command

    every 2 seconds: {online::online} if {online::online} is greater than 4: make player/console execute command "/#command" this makes it so every 2 seconds, if the server has more than 4 players, it executes the following command PS: your gonna need to choose between player or...
  5. YourFavoritePerson

    Sidebar Help

    I edited the skript, and the plugin is SkQuery
  6. YourFavoritePerson

    Sidebar Help

    can someone please help me with this skript I made for my modded survival server? on first join: {money::%player%} = 0 {playerkills::%player%} = 0 on right click: player is sneaking: event-item is emerald named "&2Money": add 1 to {money::%player%} every 2...
  7. YourFavoritePerson

    Play Beacon Sound

    If it’s a plugin or download then no whats your discord again? I made a new account
  8. YourFavoritePerson

    Magma Explosion

    How do you make it so when an arrow shot from a bow called “&c&l&oMagma Bow” hits the ground, it creates a fake explosion still damaging players near it and launches entities that look like magma blocks into the air and disappear when they hit the ground my skript so far is: on projectile hit...
  9. YourFavoritePerson

    Play Beacon Sound

    I need help making it so when you right click it shoots an aqua colored laser of redstone particles where your curser is, then if it hits an entity or player it damages the entity/player
  10. YourFavoritePerson

    Armor Piece Equips Full Set

    I need help getting a skript so that when you put on one piece of armor, it automatically puts on a full set of armor(all the armor pieces have curse of binding except for the piece you use to take on/off the armor set), then when you take that 1 armor piece off it removes all the armor pieces...
  11. YourFavoritePerson

    Flying then unflying on right click

    I use minefort to make servers if that’s what you mean
  12. YourFavoritePerson

    Flying then unflying on right click

    the skript works and has no errors but as soon as I put it in my server it says "Can't understand this event:'on armor equip' then the same thing with unequip, do you know how to fix that?
  13. YourFavoritePerson

    For some reason my code doesn't work.

    NobodyYouKnow#1150 I'm not allowed to friend strangers so I'll friend you, then unfriend you so we can chat
  14. YourFavoritePerson

    Beginner skripter, pls help me lol

    Beginner skripter, pls help me lol
  15. YourFavoritePerson

    Flying then unflying on right click

    it works, thank you for helping!