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    Solved how can I get inventory name in 1.14.4

    import: org.bukkit.event.inventory.InventoryClickEvent on InventoryClickEvent: if event.getView().getTitle() contains "your title": Requires Skript-Mirror
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    on hologram touch

    I am not sure but i think SkRayFall only works with HolographicDisplays so try installing that.
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    on hologram touch

    What hologram plugin do you have? According to the documentation provided by skRayFall you souhld have HolographicDisplays
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    Give item to player

    command /ssg [<item>] [<text>] [<player>]: executable by: console trigger: set {signshop::item::%arg-1%::amount} to {_amount} give arg-3 {_amount} of arg-1 named arg-2
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    Solved how to get event-item slot on "On Consume: " event

    player's tool player's current hotbar slot
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    what addons are required for open chest with 6 rows to palyer

    open chest inventory with 6 rows named "name" to player No addons required.
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    Solved Spawn armor stand right in front of player

    location 0.1 in front of player
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    Team prefix with Skellett

    I have tried to recreate this issue on multiple versions of Spigot and PaperSpigot and the issue still appears. It seems to be an issue with Skellett.
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    Team prefix with Skellett

    What is the exact code you used?
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    Solved Spawn mythicmobs

    options: world: TestWorld function mmSpawnMobs(name: text, loc: text): # format location: {_loc} -> {_locSpawn} set {_world} to {@world} set world of {_locSpawn} to "%{_world}%" parsed as a world spawn mythicmob "%{_name}%" at location {_locSpawn} with level 1
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    script loading the same variable

    Since you didn't provide any information the best advise I can give u is try deleting the variables.csv file in your skript folder and restarting the server.
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    Solved Skript GUI - Drops contents

    Try this (not tested). command /infobook2: trigger: send "&cKommer snart..." #Indstillinger options: prefix: &a&lInfo: &c #GUI setup command /infobook: executable by: players trigger: open chest with 5 row named "&2&l&nInformation" to player...
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    Team prefix with Skellett

    [skellett] (score[ ][board]|board) add entry [(from|of)] %string% to %team% Add an entry to the given team. Entry is a string which can be either an entity or a player. I believe this is what you are looking for. Try this: scoreboard add entry "%player%" to {_team} or scoreboard add entry...
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    Team prefix with Skellett

    You need to get the team first: [skellett] (score[ ][board]|board) [get] team [(for|from|of)] %string% set {_team} to scoreboard team of "player" set scoreboard team prefix of {_team} to "&8"
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    Durability with Scoreboard

    What addons are you using? on damage: wipe victims sidebar set name of sidebar of victim to "&c%attacker%" set score "&7Boots: &e%damage of boots of attacker%" to 1 set score "&7Leggings: &e%damage of leggins of attacker%" to 2 set score "&7Chestplate: &e%damage of chestplate...