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  1. Wynnevir


    Yeah, and for different weapon types you could just have an if statement for the player's tool or held item
  2. Wynnevir

    Toplists - how to?

    I knew I remembered you asking this before and I found the post from 2017 lmao!
  3. Wynnevir

    SkQuery Tab Completer

    Format your code in the post so it's easier to read through. You can do this by editing your post, pressing the plus icon on the post toolbar and select code. Paste your code there:emoji_slight_smile:
  4. Wynnevir

    invisable mobspawner

    This post has an example of how to spawn them and how to give them equipment. Best way to learn skript is to read other scripts and use the docs!:emoji_slight_smile: To name them just add it to the...
  5. Wynnevir

    Endless Gui's

    For clicking I would look into Tuske's advanced guis. It makes them very easy and you don't have to use the inventory click event
  6. Wynnevir


    You can make it look like they've been hit with the animation but you have to code the damage in as well. show damage animation on loop-entity for all players It won't show your character hitting though.
  7. Wynnevir

    Endless Gui's

    Just found the post I used to do itXD But there's a few diff ways you could For sure, I wish sublime editor was easier to use on mobile xD
  8. Wynnevir

    Endless Gui's

    Yes, it's called recursive. I have a gui script that does this exactly, though it's hard to cut out the extra bits from my phone this is the function for it. I have the full script in my resources if I've left anything out of this you think you need. It's very clunky because I did it early on...
  9. Wynnevir

    Stop Mob Spawners From Breaking

    You could turn mob griefing off, /gamerule mobGriefing false. That keeps their explosion damage but stops them from destroying any blocks. No script needed. With script you could maybe try to loop the surrounding mobs in a radius of the event block on the block break event and if a creeper is...
  10. Wynnevir

    Solved On Region Enter/Exit not working

    Awesome! remember to mark your post as solved with the thread tools in the top right section of your post. Have a wonderful day <3
  11. Wynnevir

    Solved On Region Enter/Exit not working

    Last I knew, FAWE does not support regions in skript, you'd need regular world edit. I prefer fawe so I bypassed this by using chunks instead. Made a custom command that added the chunk at my location to a list, and when I want to compare I loop that list. The files go in your scripts folder in...
  12. Wynnevir

    Stop Mobs Seeing you (Following & Attacking)

    Ye! Think you still need to account for newly joining players though, I'm not at my PC to test however.
  13. Wynnevir

    Stop Mobs Seeing you (Following & Attacking) Try this expression from skellet. This way you wouldnt need a plugin like essentials, though if you are using essentials it'd be easier to just go through it's commands. One thing though, you'd probably have to account for people joining as they'd...
  14. Wynnevir

    Can't Loop Barrier Block

    If you're having trouble figuring out how to do so, click thread tools near the top right of you post, and then edit title. :) Little bit hidden.
  15. Wynnevir

    Solved Adding contents of a list to a single text string?

    Hello! I'm trying to take the contents of a list variable (ie; t, e, s, t, n and g) and convert them to a single string (ie; "testing"). I'd like it to be flexible to the size of the list however so I do not have to set it like "%{_list::1}%%{_list::2}%%{_list::3}%" and so on, which is the only...