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  1. Vrganj

    Solved Question about looping.

    You could as well just clear the variable instead of setting it to false And pretty sure it'd error when the player leaves
  2. Vrganj

    Load skript from folder

    You can. You can use /sk reload ../../Essentials/ ../ means it'll go to the parent directory. You can reload by doing /sk reload ../
  3. Vrganj

    Solved "every real minute" not working.

    Also you don't need the all
  4. Vrganj

    Solved "every real minute" not working.

    No, it's unnecessary
  5. Vrganj


  6. Vrganj


  7. Vrganj

    Nbt addon

    jNBT, Sk-NBeeT
  8. Vrganj

    How do you add a 'tag' above a display name?

    You don't need an addon for that
  9. Vrganj


    You should've used %player's uuid% instead of %player%
  10. Vrganj

    How do you add a 'tag' above a display name?

    I did a little testing, and I couldn't get the armor stand to ride the player, I think it's got something to do with the size of the armor stand, tried small, normal, with and without marker, all would be either too low or too high. I think you should experiment with other mobs with different...
  11. Vrganj

    Placeholder output in scoreboard

    Probably has to do something with conversion and how variables in Java are saved...
  12. Vrganj

    NBT Atk Speed/Damage

    Uh, what's your problem..?
  13. Vrganj

    Scoreboard help

  14. Vrganj

    Solved Tab prefix removes after relog

    Try adding a "wait a tick" after the join event
  15. Vrganj

    Scoreboard help

    I don't think there is an addon yet for that.