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  1. Uzumaki

    Skript LeaderBoard

    plural expression (1¦(top|first)|2¦(last)) %integer% (values|elements) of %objects% [formatted] as %text%: You need this Script - MirrorUtils | skUnity Forums
  2. Uzumaki

    I need help with a team balance skript
  3. Uzumaki

    make player can fly only in a own region area

    try on region enter: if player has permission "emzencore.flyable": loop owners of region: if loop-value-1 is player: message "&eYou have &bPlayPlus&6+ &eYou're allowed to fly!" to player play sound "ENTITY_EXPERIENCE_ORB_PICKUP" to player...
  4. Uzumaki

    Ersatz Addon is not working for me please help!!!

    use this addon instead Addon - skript-placeholders | skUnity Forums
  5. Uzumaki

    Solved question

    on load: set {prefix} to "&6&lSA:MC" send "%{prefix}% hi" or just use options
  6. Uzumaki

    Solved Capturing a player

    make player ride player2 and cancel the dismount packet
  7. Uzumaki

    Solved Check if chest is double chest?
  8. Uzumaki

    Solved Transparent player

    Solved - How to make players transparent | skUnity Forums
  9. Uzumaki

    Block placing not working

    {woolcolor.%player%} is a text, not a block use set {woolcolor.%player%} to "%arg-1% wool" parsed as material
  10. Uzumaki

    Solved Spectator invisibility to each other?

    hide player from all players
  11. Uzumaki

    Solved Trying to get 1/4th of entities in a list

    set {_value1} to a random element out of {_list::*} remove {_value1} from {_list::*} set {_value2} to a random element out of {_list::*} remove {_value2} from {_list::*}
  12. Uzumaki


    on damage: if name of attacker's tool is "Wither 2.0" : cancel event damage victim by 100 heart
  13. Uzumaki

    Coinsystem Skript doesn`t work

    a mess, check if the coins are set on join event, not every second, also use skript-yaml.
  14. Uzumaki

    Solved Trying to get 1/4th of entities in a list

    set {_list::*} to "helo1", "helo2" and "helo3" broadcast "%{_list::3}%" #should broadcast hello3
  15. Uzumaki

    How to check if a Var reached a number?

    loop 100 times: if {xp} is loop-number: send "your xp is %loop-number%" #do stuff