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  1. uGim

    On exp pickup?

    Make this work please: on exp pickup: broadcast "%picked exp%" Is it possible?
  2. uGim

    Solved How I do this?

    So the lighting doesn't work or overall nothing happens when you break the block? I think you should check if {bstate::%event-block%} really is true. Else it won't happen. I tried the skript on my localhost and it did works so the variable values aren't right.
  3. uGim

    Show a title to a player

    send player title "{_title}" with subtitle "{_subtitle}" for 5 seconds I think this one requires SkRayFall. Oh my, someone was 3 minutes faster than me.
  4. uGim

    Wheat, wheat everywhere

    I think you can use skellet's on entity change event. on entity block change: broadcast "%new changed material%" And for the wheat part I am sure it would go somehow like this: on entity block change: if event-block is "wheat": cancel event
  5. uGim

    Top 10 in a gui

    command /topcookies: trigger: set {_tmp::*} to {cookies::*} set {_top} to 0 send "Top players:" to player loop 10 times: loop {_tmp::*}: if loop-value-2 > {_top}: set {_top} to loop-value-2...
  6. uGim

    Remove arrows stuck on player.

    you are wrong. it is possible with skript.
  7. uGim

    Remove arrows stuck on player.

    Can I remove arrows stuck on player anyhow? Thanks for replying.
  8. uGim

    Check if clicked player exists

    Well now if I hit the player it still says "you miss player!"
  9. uGim

    Check if clicked player exists

    You don't seem to get it. It should also tell if you are not attacking a player. Make it so it will broadcast when you don't hit a player. For example, if you missed your attack and didn't get the hit, it should tell you didn't hit a player. I am looking for a left click event, NOT a damage event.
  10. uGim

    Check if clicked player exists

    This is not what I am looking for. As I said, I want it to tell if I am clicking on player or not.
  11. uGim

    Check if clicked player exists

    I tried some ways to do it but it doesn't work. What want is that when you left-click in any situation, it tells if you are clicking a player. on leftclick: if clicked entity is a player: broadcast "it works" For some reason this doesn't work and I have tried things like this...
  12. uGim

    Solved Loop blocks between locations.

    Is it possible to loop a straight line of blocks between two locations like this: Loop blocks between {_location1} and {_location2}: set block at location of loop-block to air I find it difficult to make such a thing with my brains.
  13. uGim

    Solved Set variable to armor color

    Thank you very much. You are the best.
  14. uGim

    Solved Set variable to armor color

    Could you please share a link to download of Bensku's skript for minecraft 1.8? I'd appreciate it very much.
  15. uGim

    Solved Set variable to armor color

    I use Njol's skript