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  1. Turb032

    Solved loop not working????

    nope, still that error.. EDIT: I solved it, it was a skellet-legacy problem with the 2.0.3 version (newest version), i installed 2.0.2 for java 17 and it worked fine. Thanks anyways!
  2. Turb032

    Solved loop not working????

    Hi, I've encountered this error today, and I can't find a way to solve it. When I reload the skript file, there's a red error coming out of the console ( Can you please help me? Thanks! every second: loop all players: message "hi" to loop-player This...
  3. Turb032

    gamemode check

    Here is a version of the Skript, didn't test it though: command /check: trigger: loop all players: set {_c} to 0 set {_s} to 0 if loop-player's gamemode is creative: add 1 to {_c} if loop-player's gamemode is survival: add 1 to {_s} message...
  4. Turb032

    Loop-block around player's feet (cyl)

    Hi, i was searching around and could't find a way to do what i want to do. Basically, i want to loop all blocks in a certain radius around player's feet, but as the loop-blocks feature, as i can tell, loops only a sphere around player, i was searching a way to loop the blocks in a cyl around...
  5. Turb032

    inventory crafting grid slot set item?

    Yes, I tried in all possible ways I could think of and none of them worked, even with packets, but no. The only thing I can think rn is using Javascript, idk sorry
  6. Turb032

    inventory crafting grid slot set item?

    I tried it and it doesn't work, there are no errors but the slot doesn't set to the item
  7. Turb032

    inventory crafting grid slot set item?

    Mmh, i tried a lot of skripts but none of them worked as you asked. At this point i don't think there's anything you can do with skript... Sorry :emoji_disappointed:
  8. Turb032

    Solved Teleport player to {variable}

    Thanks :emoji_blush:
  9. Turb032

    inventory crafting grid slot set item?

    Ok so, you want that when a player opens his inventory, his crafting slots are set to a specific item, am i right?
  10. Turb032

    Solved Teleport player to {variable}

    Ok so, i tested it now and i fixed your error. Here is the code: command /rtp: permission: rtp.use permission message: &7[&6&lCoud&e&lMC&7] &8No permission! trigger: message "&7[&6&lCoud&e&lMC&7] Teleporting..." set {%player%::rtpx} to random number between 0 and 20000 message...
  11. Turb032

    inventory crafting grid slot set item?

    any errors?
  12. Turb032

    Solved Teleport player to {variable}

    First of all, let us know if you get any errors, second, try to set the variable to {%player%.rtpx(or y/z)} without the colon, third, the expression "teleport player to" (line 13) is not correct, the correct one is "teleport player to location (x.x, y.x, z.x) (-.x means the decimal number like...
  13. Turb032

    Solved Failed to give player an enchanted item

    I tested it myself and it works fine. Btw you just messed up the skript, here is the correct one: command /test: trigger: set {_axe} to diamond axe enchant {_axe} with unbreaking 10 enchant {_axe} with efficiency 8 enchant {_axe} with sharpness 5...
  14. Turb032

    Disable "/<tab>" complete

    Hi, i've came up with this problem and i really want to solve it. I looked in a lot of forums but nothing helped me that much. I've tried setting the "tab-complete" in spigot.yml to 0, 1 and -1, but i just want to disable some completions, not all of them. So i've made a skript but it won't...
  15. Turb032

    Mob Spawners

    Hi, my current problem is that i want to place a mob spawner with a custom spawn (blaze, cow, zombie, ecc...): but idk how to do it, could someone please help me? Thanks!