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  1. TenToTu Sho

    Arrow Shotgun spread works incorrectly

    So I've seen a post asking for a Shotgun spread with a bow, but I can't seem to make it work properly. on shoot: shooter is a player set {_arrowSpeed} to {arrowSpeed::%shooter%} * 2 set {_entity} to "%shooter%" parsed as entity type {trishot.dontshoot::%shooter%} is not true...
  2. TenToTu Sho

    Solved How to update a sign every 3 seconds?

    also, for it to be more accurate and less potencially laggy, instad of every 3 seconds:, you could use something like this on world change: wait 1 tick # update sign
  3. TenToTu Sho

    cancel cooldown

    on chat: set {chat} to difference between {chat.%player%} and now if {chat} is less than {slowchat}: sender does not have permission "" cancel event message "&cYou're on chat cooldown &4(&f%{slowchat}%&4)" stop set {chat.%player%} to now
  4. TenToTu Sho

    Loop player not working

    I've had this problem with skRayFall's scoreboards. If your problem is, that one scoreboard is showing to all the players, or that every player sees a wrong scoreboard, I recommend switching over to Skore, a Skript addon. I found that working better
  5. TenToTu Sho

    Execute a command as entity/at location

    Hello everyone, so I would like to code something in that can execute a worldedit command at a specific location. I tried summonning a sheep and running it as the last spawned entity, but that didn't work. Is there any way to do this? Thanks. This is the code i used: command /sheepedit <text>...
  6. TenToTu Sho

    Help for options

    You should set up all the different materials for sale and include this in the code {@stone} is set This will make sure that the user of the skript wrote down that @stone option is equal to something Next, you have to make sure that it is a number, so {@stone} is an integer # or number if you...
  7. TenToTu Sho

    Create a Leaderboard

    So, I have a code, where i add to the variable {pvp.elo.%player%} whenever they get a kill or remove from it when they die. What i tried to do is to make a leaderboard with each of the different positions on the leaderboard (1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.) would be a different variable, as I want to put it...
  8. TenToTu Sho

    Solved If player is holding ...

    first, the correct usage is "player's tool" not "tool of player" second, separate all of the possible items with "or", because in the third one, you are just telling skript to broadcast ddd only if player is holding all of the items at once. so the code would then be: if arg-1's tool is any...
  9. TenToTu Sho


    wow i did not know that even existed :D well i learned something useful today
  10. TenToTu Sho

    Loop Variable Problem

    I said it in the code, after the last line, after the #
  11. TenToTu Sho

    Loop Variable Problem

    hi, im making a code, but i have this following problem: command /test123: permission: admin.test trigger: loop {pvp.elo.*}: loop-value is greater than 1999 set {seasonglory} to loop-value - 2000 set {seasonglory} to {seasonglory} / 2...
  12. TenToTu Sho


    just before you are showing the variable to the player: set {yourvariable} to round({yourvariable})
  13. TenToTu Sho

    Solved i need help (skript for auto pickup)

    Here's your code: on break: event-block is stone add 1 to {xp.%player%} give player 1 diamond of sharpness 1 named "&b&lDiamond" # you do not need to damage the pickaxe as minecraft is already doing that
  14. TenToTu Sho

    Solved Help with a number generator

    Also, for the future, you put "if message contains {number}", which would work, even if a player types "12345678910", because the message does indeed contain the number. So careful about that, and remember to replace it with "if message is {number}"
  15. TenToTu Sho

    Solved Multiple Permissions, Optional.

    Putting just "core.menus.1" will also work with the permission "core.menus.*", as the star stands for everything. So "example.*" would work as "example.example" or "example.123" or so on.