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  1. Syst3ms

    Other [OUTDATED] Don't use YAML.

    This is the way to go now. I thought @Rezz had made a thread on that matter, but I can't find it
  2. Syst3ms

    Format a player inventory?

    Please do not use skQuery for your menus (e.g format slot). Please do take a look at TuSKe's GUI Manager. If you want me to list why format slot is utter trash compared to it, then just ask me to.
  3. Syst3ms

    Skript Skript Coding Conventions

    Skript Coding Conventions Why, hello there ! The idea of this thread suddenly popped in my mind, so I was like "why the fuck not", and there I am. The aim of this thread is to suggest sane coding conventions for Skript. NOTE : These conventions are absolutely not official, but you will...
  4. Syst3ms

    Solved help with contains

    if {_string} matches "\w+": This checks if the string is only composed of A-Z, a-z, 1-9 and _
  5. Syst3ms

    Solved help with contains

    You just look like a retard desperate for attention when asking help like that. And no, I'm not going to help you because of it
  6. Syst3ms

    Closing a Menu and running a command

    Use TuSKe for GUIs please, skQuery's are horrendously bugged.
  7. Syst3ms

    Solved How to detect last in a list variable?

    Try "last element of {list::*}"
  8. Syst3ms

    Normies get the heck out

    Normies get the heck out
  9. Syst3ms


  10. Syst3ms

    Solved [FIXED]

    Don't say "fixed", prefer "invalid", I was going to yell at you for not describing your issue for others to take example
  11. Syst3ms

    Warning: Try to avoid NBT!

    Fair enough.
  12. Syst3ms

    Warning: Try to avoid NBT!

    "if you forever stay on 1.8 or something then it doesn't affect you" so this thread is directed to half the community. And tbf, saying you shouldn't use it because it's not a Bukkit API feature doesn't really stand, NBT isn't the only major Skript feature without Bukkit API support. Packets are...
  13. Syst3ms

    Solved Need help with GUI

    It is far from the latest version. The optimal version for 1.8 is bensku's dev25. Also, check out TuSKe's GUI Manager.
  14. Syst3ms

    Solved Efficiency regarding functions

    Functions are very versatile too, that doesn't mean I should replace the send message effect with one. Seriously you guys need to calm down with skript-mirror custom syntax.
  15. Syst3ms

    Solved Efficiency regarding functions

    The lag is negligible, but you know, that's not a reason to not use a feature that's been intended for this exact purpose. Plus, I don't know how you can beat something that's replaced before parsing in terms of performance.