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    Solved Sidebar not working

    I was thinking about doing that, will report back with the results later. EDIT: worked, ty. granted it broke something else but ima just mess with the syntax there.
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    Solved Sidebar not working

    I have skrayfall installed, after adding the necessary indents it loads with no errors but still no sidebar showing
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    Solved Sidebar not working

    the sidebar wont show up, but I'm not getting any errors on reload on join: while player is online: wipe player's sidebar set {_playerhealth} to max health of player set name of sidebar of player to "&4&lMy Server" set score "&7&lPlayer: %player%" in sidebar...
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    give function not working with variables

    I'm trying to make a give function give an amount based on a variable but it's not working on join: set {%player's uuid%.HeartKeysOnJoin} to 1 #used for testing if {%player's uuid%.HeartKeysOnJoin} is greater than 0: give {%player's uuid%.HeartKeysOnJoin} tripwire hook...
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    Solved variable update

    Thank you
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    Solved variable update

    any way to check when a variable update. specifically for something like a sidebar. just a way to make it change when the variable changes. on join: wipe player sidebar set name of sidebar of player to "sidebar name" set score "&2$Balance$:" in sidebar of player to 2...
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    Need help with this script on my bungeecord server

    if you used skript for the commands, maybe there's an error in that script causing it to not recognize them as commands
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    Solved Detect if the player is in a location

    didn't test it but i belive this should work on join: while player is online: while player is at location 0, 0, 0 in world "world": message "test"
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    Mob giving custom player heads

    I'm trying to make it so that when a certain mob dies it will give a player a custom head. on death of husk: clear drops if name of victim is "&2Ent": give attacker player head of someone
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    Solved Teleport error

    Worked, thanks
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    Solved Teleport error

    didnt work, what addons does this use
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    Solved Teleport error

    when I try to reload the script it says that "yacht" is not a location. teleport player to -24.5, -5, -18.5 in world "yacht"
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    Solved Skript breaks on death

    worked perfectly, thank you.
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    Solved Skript breaks on death

    The skript works fine until you die, then the teleporting no longer works. Can someone help make it not break upon death? on join: wait 1 tick while player is alive: if blocks in radius 2 of player contains lime glazed terracotta: teleport player to location(556.5...