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  1. Snow-Pyon

    Solved How to replace a location with an integer

    I have several questions but I will limit myself to answer your question first. One way to do this and the shortest one might be just replacing all of that in one line: # always use the list separator (::) for variables with expressions in the name, also use player's uuid if you want to keep...
  2. Snow-Pyon

    Other [OUTDATED] Don't use YAML.

    WARNING If you found this on google, this thread was from an era were addons such as skript-yaml didn't exist, there's almost no difference with variables and you can probably find cases where using yaml becomes marginally faster, as long as you handle it properly.
  3. Snow-Pyon

    Solved Check for blockstate of a door

    Just check if it's any door, that should work.
  4. Snow-Pyon

    On Walk ?

    Remove "to player" and "inventory" from the last two lines.
  5. Snow-Pyon

    Minecraft Item Id *multiple* is not valid.

    On a side note, Umbaska 3 has no use, I would recommend removing it.
  6. Snow-Pyon

    Event when E inventory is opened

    There was a hacky way to do this up to 1.11 but with the replacement of the achievement system, this is sadly not possible anymore.
  7. Snow-Pyon

    Solved Help with chat

    You just need a recent version of Skript (above dev20 works). It should also work if you have skQuery, yeah.
  8. Snow-Pyon

    Remove item

    You can do it by using TuSKe: set {_player} to player data of arg-1 # it being an offline player remove stone from {_player}'s inventory save player data of {_player}
  9. Snow-Pyon

    Problem with Create File

    1. You should use skript-yaml for anything YAML-related. 2. Use Skript 2.2 or 2.3 if you're on 1.9+. 3. Do you have the required addons (if so, do you get any errors at startup).
  10. Snow-Pyon

    Lambda with skript-mirror

    Lambdas are basically a short way to write down anonymous classes, the problem is that the only way to generate those is proxies (which only applies to interfaces, in fact), and they're too hard to use for the average Skripter (And they don't even work properly in 1.0). So, long story short...
  11. Snow-Pyon

    How to handle huge scripts?

    If you have a command with many arguments, I recommend doing something like what I did with Kurisu, make custom events (you could do this with functions too) that handle each argument and do something.
  12. Snow-Pyon

    Cats And Dogs

    Aw, I was hoping I could post my cats and dogs pictures, oh well.
  13. Snow-Pyon

    Permission "c.warp" is not an item type

    I am not sure for what that piece of code is but there are some things I'll point out: It looks like you can use the player join and leave events, why are you using the periodical event? There is no player in a periodical event. Do not use a dot as variable separator, use list variables instead...
  14. Snow-Pyon

    Solved GUI Function Issue

    You shouldn't use skQuery for GUIs. If you're using TuSKe, use its GUI Manager (it is almost identical to skQuery's format slot, at least the simple one)
  15. Snow-Pyon

    Script commands dont work but no errors

    Remove Umbaska from your server.