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  1. sluhtie

    How to make a Health Bar with Skript?

    Really just delete all files from your server-resourcepack folder in ur minecraft folder, then join the server. A new file will be generated. Then just rename the file and add .zip to it. Then u can just open it and all the resourcepack files will be in there
  2. sluhtie

    How to execute MmoItems Give command through other plugin

    This is not skript related at all
  3. sluhtie

    Solved Player gets a item

    Heres an code example, although obviously It's not the best solution to loop all players every 2 ticks. Other ways would be to use a while loop or listen for each event a player gets an item (on command "give", on pickup, on inventory click etc etc). Heres my example with the every 2 ticks...
  4. sluhtie

    announce skript

    If it should have worked and you don't have any more Issues, please mark this thread as solved.
  5. sluhtie

    How to execute MmoItems Give command through other plugin

    You will have to check the Mysteryboxes documentation for that. I think this is what you are looking for:
  6. sluhtie

    open inventory with 3 rows - Skript would not work

    The code provided originally had nothing to do with skQuery. SkQuery GUIs work using the format inventory slot effect The only difference between your code and the code originally provided, is that instead of setting a local var to an inventory, you don't do this, but much rather set it in the...
  7. sluhtie

    How to execute MmoItems Give command through other plugin

    this is not skript, this is not the right channel for this. This is not how you would use it.
  8. sluhtie

    announce skript

    %colored arg-1%
  9. sluhtie

    Solved How to remove mob?????

    no problemo, please add solved as tag to the post
  10. sluhtie

    Can someone help me?

    Perfect example on how not to use skript...
  11. sluhtie

    Clickable Models

    You can try doing that using skBee and Interaction Entities, creating a custom hitbox
  12. sluhtie

    load chunk

    Technically this is very possible using skBee and the following effect
  13. sluhtie

    Every tick doesn't work with variable

    Instead of using %player% you have to use %loop-player%. I also suggest not to use it in the way you did, much rather update the action bar every 2 seconds and each time the player health bar changes. every 2 seconds: loop all players: updateHealthBar(loop-player) on heal...
  14. sluhtie

    Please i need to use Skript variable in another plugin

    Wrong. This is indeed possible using the skript-placeholders addon. Download: See for more...
  15. sluhtie

    How to make a Health Bar with Skript?

    You will need to recreate each number as it's own texture and configure an offset in the Texturepack default.json. The numbers are still in the action bar but just as special characters that get replaced with the custom offset numbers from the Texturepack.