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  1. Shadow Klassic

    Solved Damage and Left click event not called in a specific range

    could someone help me out? There seems to be a missing event in between the leftclick and a damage event. Is there another event to fix this? I've tried spigot, spigot paper, and paper. all have the same problem :C. Bug doesn't happen in adventure mode for some...
  2. Shadow Klassic

    Solved Getting name of a container

    if player's current inventory is %inventory% (or) (%inventory%):
  3. Shadow Klassic

    Wynncraft NO AIM feature

    i want to make it so when a mob reaches a player's reach range, and the player doesnt hit directly on the mob's hitbox like usual, i want to make so that the mob gets hit anyway. Idk how to get the tool's damage or change the "hitbox" of the mob. Someone said i could do this with vectors...
  4. Shadow Klassic

    Make a projectile invisible

    good idea that could even act as a projectile particle chain.
  5. Shadow Klassic

    Shield/Ender Pearl Cooldown on Custom Items

    Heyup guys! So how can i make an animation played like an enderpearl when executed played on any item. Skript mirror and that packet addon is present in my plugins folder! i am aware there are ways to do it with java plugins and protocol lib but is there a way to integrate it through skript...
  6. Shadow Klassic

    inventory crafting grid slot set item?

    So there really isnt a way to do this? not even a little? maybe a plugin instead of using skript please io really need this
  7. Shadow Klassic

    Make a projectile invisible

    hide last spawned fireball for all entities
  8. Shadow Klassic

    inventory crafting grid slot set item?

    bruh i've seen someone do it before. its like an unstealable item that runs a gui
  9. Shadow Klassic

    inventory crafting grid slot set item?

    Skellet, MundoSK, skquery-lime, tuske, funkysk, skrayfall, skdragon my server is in 1.16.5 pos. my skript is in the latest version 2.5.3
  10. Shadow Klassic

    inventory crafting grid slot set item?

    Thanks guys... None of them worked.
  11. Shadow Klassic

    how do i check if a block is at a location set in a variable

    if event-block is at location location(0, 0, 0 0, 0 "world")