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  1. Sashie

    Addon skDragon Recode - Added Wings!

    Added wings effect and property expression Fixed unregister all Fixed particle types not changing Fixed several other small bugs Rotation expressions now take degrees for input
  2. Sashie

    Addon skDragon Recode

    Sashie updated skDragon Recode with a new update entry: Added Wings! Read the rest of this update entry...
  3. Sashie

    Addon skDragon Recode

    Sashie submitted a new resource: skDragon Recode - A recode of the previous iteration that uses new syntax Read more about this resource...
  4. Sashie

    Addon skDragon Recode 1.0.2

    ៜкƊʀᴀɢᴏɴܟ Recode At the moment this recode only focuses on particle effects, more effects will be added in the future! Think of this like a new plugin! <3 You are able to use the particle/effect expressions before or after the particle effect is started so you can add more interactivity to...
  5. Sashie

    Solved Help about Particles

    I need to update it to 1.17 <3
  6. Sashie

    SkDragon Particles coordinates problem.

    assuming this hasnt already been figured out a month ago xD im pretty sure you want this `center location(-96, 97, 251)`
  7. Sashie

    Addon skDragon [EMOTES] [PARTICLES] - 1.15 update

    merry xmas
  8. Sashie

    Addon skript-yaml - Actual fix for yaml directory ids

    This actually fixes things
  9. Sashie

    Addon skript-yaml - Fix for yaml directory ids

    just a small update
  10. Sashie

    Addon skript-yaml - Added a few random things

    Backwards compatibility and more, info at github page (
  11. Sashie

    Addon skDragon [EMOTES] [PARTICLES] - 1.14+

    - Updated to 1.14, the new particle names are: - sneeze, campfirecozy, campfiresignal, composter, flash, fallinglava, landinglava, fallingwater - Also fixed some bugs
  12. Sashie

    Addon skDragon [EMOTES] [PARTICLES] - cape fix

    - fixed capes, hopefully they run a little better for people - also fixed an issue with redstone color being the wrong values in versions below 1.13(sorry about that) (these dumb version numbers im giving it will stop when i finally release skDragon 2(possible different name) soon™)
  13. Sashie

    Addon skript-yaml - 1.13 support

    1.13 support Fixed issue with stuff not saving properly due to 'NoSuchMethod' error **EDIT**: At the moment this version doesn't work with some older versions of spigot(1.8 etc.), you can safely use 1.2.4 if you get a 'NoSuchMethod' error
  14. Sashie

    Addon skDragon [EMOTES] [PARTICLES]

    Sashie updated skDragon [EMOTES] [PARTICLES] with a new update entry: last update didnt upload correctly ._. Read the rest of this update entry...
  15. Sashie

    Addon skDragon [EMOTES] [PARTICLES] - last update didnt upload correctly ._.

    this one should work now... this is what that last update was supposed to be but for some reason uploading it that time didnt actually upload??