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  1. ryanrox333

    Need help with block sides

    I was using 1.18.2 with the latest version of skript and skript-reflect, can possibly be an older version where the class is different.
  2. ryanrox333

    how to make events for shift + F?

    Just check if the player is sneaking when they click F. on swap hand items: if player is sneaking: # do something
  3. ryanrox333

    Custom Hex Colors not working

    What spigot version and skript version are you using?
  4. ryanrox333

    Skripts with more than 1 item dont work

    Double posting won't get you anywhere, check the post before to see the result.
  5. ryanrox333

    Skripts with more than 1 item dont work

    on right click: if player's tool is fire charge named "&6&lFireball": set {_e} to player's tool remove 1 of {_e} from player's tool make player shoot a fireball at speed 1
  6. ryanrox333

    Need help with block sides

    Using Skript-Reflect, you can get the side of the block someone is facing at. Here is a way to check (example only): import: org.bukkit.block.BlockFace on right click on purpur stairs: set {_b} to event.getBlock() if {_b}.getRelative(BlockFace.NORTH).getType() is Material.SIGN...
  7. ryanrox333

    Custom Biome IDs

    I think at this current time Spigot-API 1.18.2 doesn't support datapack biomes. The only way to create custom biomes and get it's biome id is if the biome was created using spigot.
  8. ryanrox333

    Help with a skript; canceling ender portal travel for a specific player.

    What skript version and server version are you running?
  9. ryanrox333

    Solved How to apply fixed damage

    you can cancel the event using Skript-Reflect and then damage the victim. on projectile hit: projectile is arrow set {_v} to target set {_p} to projectile cancel event {_v}.damage(1, {_p})
  10. ryanrox333

    Sidebar Help

    loop all-players is spelt wrong in line 11, should be loop all players.
  11. ryanrox333

    Displaying skript placeholder in Featherboard

    You need PlaceholderAPI, which I'm going to say you have. You don't need to use mvdw placeholder request however. Use {placeholderapi_leprecoins} inside of FeatherBoard
  12. ryanrox333

    Solved On death of wolf, message owner.

    Hey, while this may be weird, it is better to put your variables into a :: instead of . since it's more efficient.
  13. ryanrox333

    make it so when someone uses the command it checks all player for perms

    If you can, can you put your code into a pastebin or using the CODE insert.
  14. ryanrox333

    Change player's game state in 1.18

    You can use this wiki here to learn how to change the Game State. You can also use this spigot post to learn how to change the Game State via NMS.
  15. ryanrox333

    Custom Biome IDs

    Using Skript-Reflect, you can use this technically: import: org.bukkit.event.player.PlayerMoveEvent on PlayerMoveEvent: set {_p} to event.getPlayer() set {_biome} to {_p}.getLocation().getBlock().getBiome() {_p}.sendMessage("%{_biome}%")