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  1. Rasturize

    Script ChatFilter

    Rasturize submitted a new resource: ChatFilter - Block unwanted words+links from your chat! Read more about this resource...
  2. Rasturize

    Script ChatFilter 1.0

    ChatFilter by Rasturize Information Simple script to block specified words and links in your chat. Any messages that trigger the filter are broadcasted to users with permission. Most options are configurable. Commands (Alias: /cf) - /chatfilter toggle - /chatfilter help Config settings...
  3. Rasturize

    GUI Issue

    Whenever players try to open a GUI from the skript I made, they get the message "you can't open that menu", any solutions? command /info: trigger: open chest with 3 rows named "{@GUI}" to player wait a tick format slot 1 of player with armor stand named "{@Item1}"...