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  1. Orangesanta8415

    Crossbow named &9Sculk Crossbow that when shot turns the nearby 20 blocks into sculk

    Not tested: options: effectRadius: 20 on projectile hit: projectile is arrow: shooter's tool is crossbow: name of shooter's tool is "&9Sculk Crossbow": loop blocks in radius {@effectRadius} of event-block: set loop-block to sculk...
  2. Orangesanta8415

    combat timer/combat log This seems to be exactly what you'd like.
  3. Orangesanta8415

    Probably playing Hypixel or Coding.

    Probably playing Hypixel or Coding.
  4. Orangesanta8415

    Loot Box

    1R3B if you have coded this, why not actually paste it into the forum? There's no use just sending a video.
  5. Orangesanta8415

    how do i fix this command i am making

    You've done this twice with two different scripts. Please don't post it in requests, and also list the errors it gives you.
  6. Orangesanta8415

    Ability to climb walls

    A few days ago I actually tried to do this by pushing the player up the wall on a right-click as I couldn't make anything else work, however it was really buggy and unstable so I didn't post it. I'll put it here if you are super desperate. on rightclick: distance between player and player's...
  7. Orangesanta8415

    Help With Player Vars

    uuid of player not player's uuid also have you set the variable to false because if it hasnt been set to anything it cant compare
  8. Orangesanta8415

    Help With Player Vars

    When trying to check all players for something, you need to loop them like this. every 1 second: loop all players: if {raincloud::%loop-player's uuid%} is set to true: play cloud above loop-player Not tested
  9. Orangesanta8415

    need help with my skript

    It's not working because you haven't yet set the variable {man::%player%}. It can't compare a value to something it doesn't have. Try: on join: if {man::%player%} is not set: set {man::%player%} to 20
  10. Orangesanta8415

    need help fixing my skript

    Try using name of player's tool is "your name here":
  11. Orangesanta8415

    Notch Apple

    Here, sorry it took so long I kinda forgot about this whole thing. on consume: if event-item is enchanted golden apple: cancel event remove 1 enchanted golden apple from player's inventory give player golden apple send "&cYour &dEnchanted Golden Apple &cwas...
  12. Orangesanta8415

    Solved I am trying to keep an item always in my inventory but it doesn't work!

    This should work, but I couldn't get the head thing to work on my end. I've also rewritten your code to be a lot more lag friendly and a lot shorter, however it is the exact same as to what you were trying to do. on join: set slot 8 of player to nether star named "&aSkyBlock Menu &7(Right...
  13. Orangesanta8415

    Block radius

    I would try to help you, except you haven't explained what you would like very well. Maybe try re-explaining and then I may be able to help.
  14. Orangesanta8415

    Notch Apple

    Why not just use normal gapples?