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  1. novastosha

    Using skript-parser for a custom plugin.

    I need help to find how to parse skript files using a skript parser.
  2. novastosha

    How to make the player face in a certain rotation

    I recommend setting the yaw and the pitch instead of hardcoding the locations in.
  3. novastosha

    rideable mobs?

    I'm not sure, but the only way to like atleast simulate this is by having an invisible pig with a saddle that teleports constantly to the mob and for jumping make it auto, so everytime there is about 1.2 meters (1 block and a bit) between the mob and the block in a specified direction teleport...
  4. novastosha

    Solved Auto text in chat.I

    Opening the chat box happens on the client-side which means you can't access it by the server only by using a special client However, there is a way around it that is using JSON messages but note that for the player to click the message he must have the chat open already
  5. novastosha

    about set actionbar

    set action bar of %any object with Player type% to %string%
  6. novastosha

    skript throwing error when reloading

    Yep, Just why I no longer work in Skript, Go java my dude
  7. novastosha

    Solved Skript Addon works only with /reload

    i think your addon loads before skript
  8. novastosha

    Solved how do i make a if armour slot?

    use, if event-item helmet: for example not exactly what he typed what he meant is use one of them
  9. novastosha

    Spectator showing up as "not an entity type"

    loop-player's gamemode is the only expression that will work
  10. novastosha

    Execute string as Skript code

    Oooh, Sorry, They must've expired Ok to use it, Type in chat \send "blah" this is for a single line of code and for multiple lines \send "blah"|send "bruh"
  11. novastosha

    Execute string as Skript code

    try my recource It can help you check the source or use it
  12. novastosha

    Stopped using Skript but you are the best Addon Developer I've ever seen

    Stopped using Skript but you are the best Addon Developer I've ever seen
  13. novastosha

    Checking Hypixel API

    You dumb guy, you shall never share your API key, request a new one!
  14. novastosha

    Solved All Code Need To Be Put In Triggers

    Bruh Njol abondoned skript a long time ago..