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  1. Nikola

    Solved Option(s) ending with ":"

    Works! Thank you so much :) If anyone in the future has the same issue, here's what you should do: 1. The whole option text must be quoted: options: first-option: "Text:" 2. To display the text, use send {@first-option} instead of send "{@first-option}" and that's it
  2. Nikola

    Solved Option(s) ending with ":"

    ":" gives an error, ':' works but it shows the quotes in text too
  3. Nikola

    Solved Option(s) ending with ":"

    Hi, I've tried to end one of my messages in options with :, and it gives a huge error. I guess it's because options are supposed to be written in this format: options: first-option: (ending with : ) and my message looks something like this: options: first-option: &fSome text...
  4. Nikola

    Hide things from other players

    Hi, on WynnCraft (MMORPG server) there are many things that are maybe possible to recreate in skript. For example, there are blocks that are visible only to one player (the one thats playing the game), is it possible to do that in skript? I know that there is expression to hide npcs and players...
  5. Nikola

    Text above Player NameTag

    I'm not sure how, but you can try to create hologram that will follow player wherever he goes. Alternatively, you can use AnimatedNames as a perfect solution to this, but thats not in skript. Idk, maybe someone else has idea.
  6. Nikola

    Can i do a fake spectator mode

    If you use essentials, just run this command from console "espeed fly 0 %player%" and your players won't be able to move.
  7. Nikola

    Solved Citizens - Change Skin from URL

    You can also use Denizen plugin (which allows you to create amazing npcs) and use Script made for it (search for Citizens custom skin from URL) and you can find Denizen Script easily. It adds command /npc skin --url <url> and it allows you to set a skin of your NPC to skin you found on sites...
  8. Nikola

    On rightclick with item

    I recommend you not to use MineHut or something that doesn't allow you direct access to your files. The difference between that "hosting" and hosting which allows you to upload files is BIG. If you can't get anything better, work on localhost server (Download NGROK if you want to allow others to...
  9. Nikola

    On rightclick with item

    I use the same version, and it doesn't work for me. Try using other version (do not downgrade it too much because it's unstable)
  10. Nikola

    Making a command that does nothing

    No problem! If you need any help in the future, contact me :)
  11. Nikola

    On rightclick with item

    I think that cocoa beans' item ID is actually "dye" or "ink sac". Try with both of them and it should work.
  12. Nikola

    Making a command that does nothing

    Try using this: on command "/examplecommand": set {SOMETHINGRANDOM::%player%} to true That will just set some random variable to true, and it will not display any message at all (not even blank one). Hope this works for you. Or, maybe this is even better idea, if you want to completely...
  13. Nikola

    Solved Cancel drops from blocks

    Thanks for answering, but doesn't work. No errors, it loads perfectly, but sunflower drops appear as before. Fixed my problem with this code: loop dropped items in radius 3 of event-location: delete loop-value This may not be the perfect solution to everyone, since players may be able to...
  14. Nikola

    Solved Cancel drops from blocks

    Hi, I am making a farm skript for my server, and my idea is to use custom plants. I have made schematic files with WorldEdit (I have stacked 2 or more sunflower plants (only one block) on top of each other, and saved that build as schematic). I want to block item drops (sunflowers), because when...
  15. Nikola

    Solved Check if bedrock is near

    Nvm I fixed it with creating regions around walls that don't allow planting trees inside them.