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  1. nicolas toledo

    copy and paste like in world edit, but 1 block per tick or second?

    Hello guys, I would like to be able to copy large amounts of blocks like in World edit and paste but from block to block to save RAM and that the server does not break. example: I copy a square that contains 10,000 blocks and not paste it all at once, I want it to be pasted 1 block at a time for...
  2. nicolas toledo

    Solved PAPI problem and placeholder amount

    You are a genius, thank you!
  3. nicolas toledo

    Solved PAPI problem and placeholder amount

    Hi guys, I am trying to detect the quantity of a placeholder and know if it is greater than a number. Here is the example of what I want to do, but it does not detect the number, however if I send a message with % {_ mana}% it sends the exact number of the amount I have at the moment. #does...
  4. nicolas toledo

    Solved How to change the lore of the last item obtained?

    It doesn't work for me, from what I see when I ask to change the lore of the "item's" it doesn't work, but if I change it to player's tool it works: /. I can't understand why one works and the other doesn't solution: on pickup: wait 1 tick loop all items in player's inventory...
  5. nicolas toledo

    Solved How to change the lore of the last item obtained?

    Hello, I am looking for some way to change the lore of a newly obtained item. What I want is immediately after lifting the item to change a line of lore Try something like this but it doesn't work. on pickup: set {_l2::*} to lore of item loop {_l2::*}: if loop-value contains "&fCrit...
  6. nicolas toledo

    On right click

    I think the problem is that right click takes it by right clicking on something (block, entity, etc) but not on air. try to right click on a block and test
  7. nicolas toledo

    Solved summon lightning on rightclick

    I tried it and it works, it also adds explosion effect, adds damage and sets the target on fire. It also adds a distance limit to be able to cast this ability. everything can be modified and make it just throw the lightning on rightclick: if player's tool is golden hoe: if lore of...
  8. nicolas toledo

    Solved Please help me with this

    great !, select it as the best answer please!
  9. nicolas toledo

    Solved Please help me with this

    change: "if index of event-slot = 17:" for this: if clicked slot is 17:
  10. nicolas toledo

    I can't delete a skript-holo hologram!

    Hello, to delete a hologram try this create new hologram with line "&fHologram" that follows player with offset (2 meters above and 1 meter right) and store in {_holo} wait 20 ticks delete holo {_holo} stop if you want the target not to be a player, try setting a...
  11. nicolas toledo

    I'm Trying to make the damage depend on placeholder

    on damage: set {_pingg} to placeholder "player_ping" set {_pingg} to damage increase damage by {_pingg}
  12. nicolas toledo

    I have problem about replace newline

    replace every "%nl%&7<&8! &7Pekniety Kamien &8!&7>" in lore of {_a} with ""
  13. nicolas toledo

    Can someone help me with this?

    I'm trying to lift an item from the ground to change its lore. The same thing I tried with the item in hand using "player's tool" and it works perfect, but the other change the lone in "{_item1}" does not work. It is the same code, I do not understand it. it does not work: on pickup: if...
  14. nicolas toledo

    Solved How to Delete and change the last line of the lore or a specific line?

    Hi guys! I'm making an item durability plugin. My problem is that I can't find a way to change a specific line of lore or the last line of lore. Always in the last line of the lore will be "durability" so I want to know how to delete and replace the last line of the lore or the specific line of...
  15. nicolas toledo

    How to regenerate a block with command?

    Hi! I am trying to make a custom mining plugin, in which with a command you can regenerate the previously mined blocks. I wish that when mining iron I could regenerate it later with a command