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    Set block not workk with yml.

    Hi reader, I created this script but the variable block does not work! The versione of server is: 1.17.1 on script load: load yaml "plugins/Skript/scripts/Block/block.yml" as "config" command /setb: trigger: loop yaml node keys "blocks" from "config": set {_btype}...
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    hi guys

    how can i use skript-yaml in 1.17? I can't upload yamls files :c
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    How to a set random block

    Hi! I'm trying to create an area and put blocks (max 3/2 blocks) into it at random, but I'm not able: D here are just the commands taken from help here on SkUnity. Thanks!! command /tlamp: trigger: set {Wall1} to location of location of player command /lamp: trigger...
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    Create Holograms

    I am not very capable, xd
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    Create Holograms

    How to create a holograms without add-on HolographicDisplay?
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    Solved Help me!

    Ok, thanks! +1
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    Solved Help me!

    ok, it works! Mhh, I can't run the /test command even if I'm OP, how to fix it? (without adding permission)
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    Solved Custom enchants

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    Solved Help me!

    Mh after I try it !! Can I also use "if player has permission" test.skript "?
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    Solved Custom enchants

    Name of addon?
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    Solved Help me!

    How to create a Permission with Skript? Without PermissionsEx/LuckPerms?