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  1. Mr_Simba

    make wheat grow 1.13

    Yes, the first stage is "freshly planted" then you can use "stage 2", "stage 3", etc. for the other stages.
  2. Mr_Simba

    make wheat grow 1.13

    set loop-block to ripe wheat plant
  3. Mr_Simba

    If clicked block is a cauldron with water?

    If you're using the Skript 2.3 betas on 1.13 with the new aliases system you should just be able to do "filled cauldron".
  4. Mr_Simba

    Skript Things you probably didn't know were available in vanilla Skript

    Updated with some other new stuff that has been added in the past month (10/28/2018): Full extensive server list control Action bar send effect Jump and hand swap events (jump requires PaperSpigot) "Do if" for conditional effect execution Leash effect and expression Updated the "upcoming" with...
  5. Mr_Simba

    How to clear all potion effects?

    Why do you need Essentials for that? It's a vanilla command. Note though that in 1.13 it was changed to "/effect clear <entity>" so you'd need to switch the order if you're on 1.13.
  6. Mr_Simba

    Solved Applying "glowing" to dropped item

    It's probably because the dropped item isn't there yet when the event fires because it can be cancelled. You could try waiting a tick on drop: wait 1 tick set glowing of last dropped item to true
  7. Mr_Simba

    Solved Applying "glowing" to dropped item

    set glowing of dropped item to true
  8. Mr_Simba

    Solved spawn colored bed

    Bed colors are stored in the NBT using a block entity in pre-1.13 versions so you can't get it or set it with aliases.
  9. Mr_Simba

    Skript Things you probably didn't know were available in vanilla Skript

    The entire point of this post is that all of this is in vanilla Skript. You can open any inventory type to a player in vanilla Skript, e.g. to open a hopper it'd be open hopper inventory to player.
  10. Mr_Simba

    Skript Things you probably didn't know were available in vanilla Skript

    I've been getting tilted in the skUnity Discord for a while now when seeing people recommend add-ons for simple operations which have been possible in vanilla Skript for months or even a year or two now, so I figured it would be good to have a comprehensive list here of things which vanilla...
  11. Mr_Simba

    Nbt of Block

    That's still probably due to SkStuff not working on new Skript versions, as other have stated.
  12. Mr_Simba

    Nbt of Block

    IIRC you don't set NBT, you add it. add the text to NBT of event-block.
  13. Mr_Simba

    How to check if hit entity is an itemframe?

    Just want to note that an item frame is not a block. You won't be "setting a block", you'll just be spawning it in like you would any other entity.
  14. Mr_Simba

    Itemstack size

    There's no easy way as far as I know, but items actually can't stack if they have even slightly different NBT, so if you just gave every spawner a unique internal ID tag they wouldn't be able to stack with each other.
  15. Mr_Simba

    Solved Set block

    set loop-block, not set block