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  1. Merrical

    Help with making a ritual of dropped items which makes them go into a circle.

    Oh mb I forgot to send skript. I will within 30 minutes of this post
  2. Merrical

    Users cant place block

    Sweet nice find
  3. Merrical

    Users cant place block

    Is there any message that is sent when they break a block? Are you sure you have no scripts that use any of the events I mentioned?
  4. Merrical

    Help with making a ritual of dropped items which makes them go into a circle.

    I would use a vector(5, 0, 0) and rotate the yaw of it. I have a function you can use when I get home later
  5. Merrical

    Script GUI Code Generator

    I'm late to the party but this is crazy. It's so efficient as well! Definitely using xD
  6. Merrical

    Solved Giving permissions to player

    From what I know, using only skript with no extra addons, you cannot add permissions to the player. Are you using any addons?
  7. Merrical

    Health Bar

    This is not tested. This should create a text box somewhere above the player that follows you around(should be strict follow). command test: trigger: spawn display entity at location of player set {_d} to last spawned entity make {_d} ride player set...
  8. Merrical

    Users cant place block

    Heres the things you can do so I can get an idea of what's going on. 1. Send a list of all the plugins you are using 2. Send a screenshot of /sk info 3. Identify all locations that you have events related block interaction(right click, placing, breaking). The category doesn't matter at this...
  9. Merrical

    Health Bar

    I would use display entities for this, here you can make the display entity ride the player and then transform it to be right below the nametag of the player.
  10. Merrical

    Users cant place block

    This is not a skript issue unless you have a skript that involves the event on place: or on right click:
  11. Merrical

    need help summoning items

    I believe in the effect to drop an item, there is an optional flag to remove velocity.
  12. Merrical

    Help with making a ritual of dropped items which makes them go into a circle.

    This would be a big project for me, but I would use Item DisplayEntities for this, and Item Display Transformation would be a good step to getting them to spin in a circle. I don't have much more input than this, so good luck!
  13. Merrical

    Strength Skript

    I recommend using a item saving skript, so you don't have those long lines that take forever to parse. command saveitem <name:text>: trigger: set {items::%{_name}%} to player's tool send "Set %{_name}% to your tool" to player then, you can do something like: if player's...
  14. Merrical

    Offering Skripts - lots of experience

    This is constantly Available! If you see this and want something, feel free whenever.
  15. Merrical

    Crafted item slot in the inventory?