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  1. matvapes

    Solved Dropping skull

    Use essentials for skulls. Do you have that installed?
  2. matvapes

    Other Skript Obfuscation & Jar Encapsulation

    Oh damn, okay. So like if I'd made a core of something it'd be like impossible to convert it back :emoji_joy:
  3. matvapes

    Other Skript Obfuscation & Jar Encapsulation

    Oh okay, so as the OP stated in the thread it's basically just to stop these skript thieves. Is there a way to re-convert it back to a normal .sk file?
  4. matvapes

    Other Skript Obfuscation & Jar Encapsulation

    So wait, that means that the Skript has been put into a .jar file? Does this automatically install the addons in it as well? Except skript-mirrorskript-mirror.
  5. matvapes

    Other Skript Obfuscation & Jar Encapsulation

    Does this set the .sk file into a .jar file? And if so, how is this made possible?
  6. matvapes

    Minecraft Skript I Pushing players

    Next time don't spoon feed people. They don't learn anything from it. :)
  7. matvapes

    Lore issue with skript 3.5

    Install SkQuery. It has the new line feature "||"
  8. matvapes

    Promote / Remove the old Permission/Rank and get the new rank

    Just make two commands executing whenever you type the promote command. For example: command /promote <player>: trigger: make console execute command "/pex user %arg-1% group set blabla" make console execute command "/pex user %arg-1% group remove blabla"
  9. matvapes

    How do I check the lore of an item?

    Just use this, it's much easier to check: if player is holding diamond sword named "blabla" with lore "blabla": #code
  10. matvapes

    Solved Potion effects

    Do you mean adding potion effects to the victim whenever they get hit?
  11. matvapes


    Check if the player has OP. You could make it more personalized to check the player's name so only one or more persons can execute the command. It'd be easier with a permission though. Looks more organized and is very easy. command /test: permissions: test.use aliases: /test1, /t...