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  1. L0v0lup

    Needing Help with Sk-Reflect / CoreProtect API

    I tried now: command /test3: trigger: set {_CP} to Bukkit.getPluginManager().getPlugin("CoreProtect") set {_loc} to location of player broadcast "%{_CP}.performLookup(100, null, null, null, null, null, 5, (location at {_loc}.getBlockX(), {_loc}.getBlockY()...
  2. L0v0lup

    Needing Help with Sk-Reflect / CoreProtect API

    Both are "<none>"
  3. L0v0lup

    Needing Help with Sk-Reflect / CoreProtect API

    Hi, i am not overly experienced with Sk-Reflect and need some help with the CoreProtect API. What i am trying to do: Check if a block is natural or not / if it has been placed by a player. import: org.bukkit.Bukkit net.coreprotect.CoreProtect net.coreprotect.CoreProtectAPI...
  4. L0v0lup

    Skript Jobs

    Thanks // Danke, schau ich mir mal an :D
  5. L0v0lup

    Skript Jobs

    Weird. Whats the point in those posts then?
  6. L0v0lup

    Skript Jobs

    Did you forget to include the download link or am i just blind?
  7. L0v0lup

    Sorted Tablist

    Hi there, nice Skript, pretty much what i was looking for. But it doesnt work on 1.16 anymore and i dont know much about SkMirror / SKReflect to fix it myself. Here is the error:
  8. L0v0lup

    Solved Hit event

    on damage: victim is a player: broadcast "%victim%, %attacker%" (You can find it in the docs) :)
  9. L0v0lup

    Solved Skript - No Inventory drop or movements?

    I cant test it right now but in older Minecraft/Skript versions, "doesn't have permission" used to be a bit bugy. You can try: on inventory click: if player has permission "staff.InvMove": stop else: cancel event On what minecraft version are you on?
  10. L0v0lup

    Solved Skript - No Inventory drop or movements?

    I dont know where you from but im having a Youtube channel with 80+ Skript Tutorials on it. (In most of them i explain very basic things) If you understand German, it could help you out a bit. (Not sure if advertising is allowed, just look up my name)
  11. L0v0lup


    Do you have SkRayFall in your plugin folder?
  12. L0v0lup

    Solved Applying "glowing" to dropped item

    Minecraft 1.12.2 Skript 2.2-dev36 Hey, have anyone used the new "Glowing" effect on (dropped) items? I've tried several ways to apply glowing but none of them worked. on drop: apply glowing to dropped item for 999 hours apply glowing to event-item for 999 hours apply glowing to...
  13. L0v0lup

    Solved Cant >Add< NBT to existing Item

    Thats works, thanks a lot! I was focused too much on finding a workaround, that i havent thoguht about looking out for another plugin :D
  14. L0v0lup

    Solved Cant >Add< NBT to existing Item

    Minecraft 1.12.2 Skript 2.2-dev36 |SkStuff T-Nuke Fork Hello, i am currently working on RPG Sets in Minecraft. For a set effekt i am trying to add HP attributes to an set part after all 4 armour parts have been equipped. What would work: give player diamond boots with custom nbt...
  15. L0v0lup

    Addon skript-db

    Yes, it basically say's that the variables are empty. Also, every other used local variables are empty after i use "execute "SELECT * FROM (...)" Bensku wrote into his changelog, that he "Fixed local variables being local to events instead of triggers" Maybe that caused the current problem?