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  1. KingAdmin_YT

    [HELP] [SKRIPT] Mobs spawning within a radius randomly

    every 10 minutes: set {_x} to random number between 5 and 10 set {_y} to 60 set {_z} to random number between 0 and 10 set {_world} to world "world" set {_location} to location({_x}, {_y}, {_z}, {_world}) spawn zombie at {_location}
  2. KingAdmin_YT

    Bentobox isLevel() function

    Hello everyone, I use the BentoBox addon bskyblock plugin on my server. I am using the latest version of the script. sk-mirror 2.0.0 is available. If we come to the subject, I need a function that will pull a player's island level to the data. I have been dealing for 2 weeks but I could not...
  3. KingAdmin_YT

    sk-json (copy from ".json" file)

    How can I pull the "json" file into the data? I have sk-mirror, sk-yaml, sk-json and others.. Yup!
  4. KingAdmin_YT

    Error of Pikachu's Snippets [Spawner]

    Working! Thank you very much.. (15.line is unneeded) But can i set item spawner(iron ingot spawner like.)?
  5. KingAdmin_YT

    Error of Pikachu's Snippets [Spawner]

    import: org.bukkit.inventory.meta.BlockStateMeta org.bukkit.entity.EntityType org.bukkit.block.CreatureSpawner org.bukkit.inventory.ItemStack function spawner(entity: string) :: item: set {_enum} to try {EntityType}.valueOf({_entity}.toUpperCase()) set {_spawner} to mob...
  6. KingAdmin_YT

    Solved Sorted List (with sk-mirror)

    Solved, thank you!
  7. KingAdmin_YT

    Solved Sorted List (with sk-mirror)

    import: java.util.ArrayList java.util.Collections expression (multi[ple] replace|replacer) [(elements|values)] %texts% with %objects% in %text%: return type: text get: set {_text} to expr-3 loop exprs-1: add 1 to {_n} replace all...
  8. KingAdmin_YT

    BungeeCord online players problem

    Replace from {_Pvp} to {pvp}. If the data is to be permanent, temporary data should not be used. Or without having to use the data, format slot 0 of player with .... with lore “%size of all bungeecord players on server “”Pvp””%” close ...
  9. KingAdmin_YT

    How make Iron Ingot Spawner?

    Hi there, I want create iron ingot spawner with nbt. So look like; execute player command "setblock ~ ~1 ~ minecraft:mob_spawner 0 replace...
  10. KingAdmin_YT

    Need help for compass navigator

    whit What is it? Replace to "with" in line 9.
  11. KingAdmin_YT

    Solved What is wrong with my TuSKe gui?

    Your skript is very long. I can’t read. You tell me what is skript’s error in console when reload. Or I can give to you my Market skript if you want (working with sk-yaml, sk-mirror and TuSKe) If you don't want them both, i'll look today.
  12. KingAdmin_YT

    Solved What is wrong with my TuSKe gui?

    Please use Because we(Turkish) have not permission at pastebin site.
  13. KingAdmin_YT

    Skript-yaml |Adding %text% to file.

    Yes it worked but still I don't get result. There is no problem, when I use it for the first time. But the first lines change when I use it a second time so it is not added. Only first lines is changing. I think we are using the wrong event. I want the lines to be superimposed. As well, adding...
  14. KingAdmin_YT

    Solved Error with %player%

    Not at all! :)
  15. KingAdmin_YT

    Solved Error with %player%

    From set {serv.nick.%player%} to %player% To set {serv.nick.%player%} to player Change and try.