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  1. iRegalia

    Script TitleCombination

    iRegalia submitted a new resource: TitleCombination - combine your title with GUI Read more about this resource...
  2. iRegalia

    Script TitleCombination 1.0

    Permission All can set by yourself in config.yml Commands /admintitle [remove / add] [player] [prefix/middle/suffix] Add Title to player / remove title from player - Aliases: /at /playertitle Open TitleGUI - Aliases: /pt Depenceny TusKe for GUI skRayfall [Optional] for Citizen Support...
  3. iRegalia

    Theory of Unlimited Arena for Minigame

    How did you all run unlimited arena? without lagging. also without bungeecord Clone World ( When start a minigame ) increment x,y [Generated World] (Paste Schematic) Any others ways? Now im using with on skript start: delete {*} add "TDM-0" to {*} loop...
  4. iRegalia

    Script DamageTrails

    iRegalia submitted a new resource: DamageTrails - Spawn particle when damaging Read more about this resource...
  5. iRegalia

    Script DamageTrails v3.0.1

    Description & About The Damage Trails Plugins is made by skript and it play the particle when player attacking entity.Using the particle with a command and show the gui with clicking for active or unactive particle! Full GUI Support! How To Install Plugins Requirement - Skript , Skquery ...
  6. iRegalia