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  1. IDuckz_

    How do I make this skript work

    Use "else:" instead of "if else:" since that wouldn't work, and make sure to cancel event before or after you sent the "upgrade your pickaxe ..." message otherwise player's can still break the block.
  2. IDuckz_

    Basically hypixel /nick using ThatPacketAddon

    Hello, I've been trying to figure this out for a while, so how can I change my skin and name in tab, as well as my nametag and name in chat with packets? I don't really know how to do this. Also I saw in docs that there's "New game profile with ..." but there aren't that many examples, I didn't...
  3. IDuckz_

    Running Function in Text

    Yes I know, that's what I did since I cannot run a function
  4. IDuckz_

    Running Function in Text

    Hey, quick question, how would I make a clickable test that runs a function without If anyone could possibly give me an idea that would be fantastic! I don't want to run a command unless there is no other way. Edit: nevermind, it's not possible to do so.
  5. IDuckz_

    tnt cooldown help

    You are using a local variable which gets deleted after the code ends, so the {_Waiting} variable is not set to true nor false so it will not do anything. Instead try changing it to "{-waiting::%player%}" and make sure that the {-waiting::%player%} variable is set to true or false.
  6. IDuckz_

    Most efficient way to draw on blocks?

    Remove the "wait 10 ticks" then try again.
  7. IDuckz_

    Damage Modification

    You can try doing "set damage to (damage / 2)", this will divide the damage by 2. You can modify it however you like.
  8. IDuckz_

    Skellet Scoreboard Not Working

    We can't do much without any info, have you put the skript file in the scripts folder? Have you reloaded the skript file? Also Check the logs for any errors.
  9. IDuckz_

    Solved Cancel Chorus fruit teleortation?

    Make sure you mark this as solved.
  10. IDuckz_

    Variables with all players who have ever joined?

    This is why you should not use dots in variables and use :: instead because you can loop the variable or reset it, once you have done {rskp::%uuid of player%} you can do "delete {rskp::*}" which will delete that variable meaning it will reset everyone's stats.
  11. IDuckz_

    Solved On Inventory Click

    try if name of player's current inventory is "Shop":
  12. IDuckz_

    Solved How do i remove the name of event-item? Not Working :(

    Make sure you mark this as solved.
  13. IDuckz_

    Solved Placing Logs Horizontally

    I guess you can use ID's for this, like log:(id), you can play around with it then find the ID. Once you found it you can just set it to the event-block, if it errors, you can make a script to check the target block, then once you've done that, you can get the target block then do "set...
  14. IDuckz_

    How to make people stay in a specific set of coordinates

    You can try using on any movement event, I don't really suggest it though if you don't have a good performed server. Anyways, so you can use on any movement event, you can set a variable to the location, then check the distance between the location and the red team players, if it's greater than...
  15. IDuckz_

    A few things in one

    Not sure if you can paste a schematic on a different location, you can always try saving the map then setting it back to it's original state. (Can cause a lot of lag if it's done inefficiently). Also, you joined on my birthday (May 28). xD