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  1. GiraffeCubed

    News Release of the skUnity Plugin

    Yeah I had the same issue when the apostrophes were in place. It includes them in the API URL. All good after removing them. [Server thread/INFO]: I/O Error: Server returned HTTP response code: 401 for URL:'5efxxxxxxxxx'&request=...
  2. GiraffeCubed

    News Release of the skUnity Plugin

    Try removing the apostrophes from the api-key section of your config.yml
  3. GiraffeCubed

    skUtilities - Read Line in File

    Hey, Is Read Line in File working in skUtilities or am I doing this wrong? send "%line 1 in file \plugins\GriefPreventionData\uuid of player%" I keep getting "Can't understand this expression". Minecraft 1.12 skUtilities 0.9.0 Latest Bensku Fork