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  1. FinalPlayer024

    Solved sneaking

    on sneak toggle: player is not sneaking: hide player from all players set {DoMoreDamage::%player%} to true stop reveal player to all players clear {DoMoreDamage::%player%} on damage: {DoMoreDamage::%attacker%} is true: damage victim by 2 hearts Maybe?
  2. FinalPlayer024

    Double json in the same line

    Using, I think it's json("%player%", "Text without json ||text with json ||ttp:Test ||cmd:/cmd ||another text without json")
  3. FinalPlayer024

    Element of a list variable

    I think you could also use {cards.%player%::%arg 2%} Like arg 2 is not set: send "&5CAH &8» &fPlease pick a valid card. (Numbers 1-10)" stop arg 2 = "1" or "2" or "3" or "4" or "5" or "6" or "7" or "8" or "9" or "10" send "&5CAH &8» &fPicked card &d%arg 2%&f.%nl%&f(%{cards.%player%::%arg...
  4. FinalPlayer024

    Script DeathNote - First load fixes

    Added some messages and fixed first load variable error.
  5. FinalPlayer024

    Script DeathNote - Some typo and comments!

    - Fixed some typos and comments, I haven't changed the code himself!
  6. FinalPlayer024

    Script DeathNote

    FinalPlayer024 submitted a new resource: DeathNote - ~ Be careful, kill your enemies and try not to be discovered ~ Read more about this resource...
  7. FinalPlayer024

    Script DeathNote 1.0-E-2

    Warning: Check the options! :emoji_flag_it::emoji_flag_us: : This script is multilingual, just type in-game /DeathNote setlang allows you to become the new Kira, type /DeathNote or /Note to spawn the DeathNote. And type /DeathNote reload if you changed something in the options...
  8. FinalPlayer024

    Solved Grow tree not work generate tree at location of {lnbp::%player%} maybe?
  9. FinalPlayer024

    Solved Langs select

    Something like command /lang [<text>]: trigger: arg 1 = "ro": set {YourSkript::msg::Welcome} to "bun venit" set {YourSkript::msg::Message} to "Sper că te vei distra" arg 1 = "en": set {YourSkript::msg::Welcome} to "Welcome" set {YourSkript::msg::Message} to "I...
  10. FinalPlayer024

    How to remove player's equipment

    set player's helmet to air maybe?
  11. FinalPlayer024

    Sort of "DeathNote" in Skript?

    Using skript-mirror? rip? Again, rip Thanks! No one?
  12. FinalPlayer024

    Problem with list variables and “contains”

    From Rezz's Snippets :P
  13. FinalPlayer024

    Problem with list variables and “contains”

    loop {listvariable::*}: loop-value = "%arg 2%" ?