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  1. erenkara

    Addon SkCheese

    no you cant, case only accepts literal values {_var} could be anything when the code is ran so its a non-literal literal examples: 5, "hello", string, 2.5 non-literal examples: {_var}, player's ping, 4 + {_var}
  2. erenkara

    Addon SkCheese

    You can add the addon tag if your resource is well, an addon for the download button you just upload the file to skunity rather than having an external download
  3. erenkara

    Addon SkCheese

    it doesn't exactly replace it, its just another way of doing conditions and it doesn't have to be an integer set {_var} to "ab" switch {_var}: case "ab": broadcast "its ab!!"
  4. erenkara

    Addon SkCheese

    switch is a keyword in a lot of languages that lets you run a block of code depending on the value its like using lots of else if after one another but unlike else if it skips to that block of code instantly rather than trying each condition they have other differences too though set {_var}...
  5. erenkara

    Addon SkCheese - Bug Fix

    Fixes an exception when you don't use the and store it in ... pattern. (Skript's fault)
  6. erenkara

    Addon SkCheese

    erenkara updated SkCheese with a new update entry: Bug Fix Read the rest of this update entry...
  7. erenkara

    Addon SkCheese

    hello, yes this is planned but no ETAs on when it will come out.
  8. erenkara

    Addon SkCheese

    erenkara submitted a new resource: SkCheese - The smelliest Skript addon. Read more about this resource...
  9. erenkara

    Addon SkCheese 1.0.1

    SkCheese is an addon that adds 2 new functionalities to Skript. 1) Switch Cases A switch case is a multi-way branch statement. Based on the value of the expression given, different parts of code can be executed quickly. Unlike your average else if tree, a switch case directly jumps to the code...
  10. erenkara

    Script PluginGuard [TAB Hider / Cheat Detection] - 2.1

    The config is now separate from the script. Updated to work with the new Hippo release. Now requires SkBee
  11. erenkara

    PluginGuard [TAB Hider / Cheat Detection]

    erenkara updated PluginGuard [TAB Hider / Cheat Detection] with a new update entry: 2.1 Read the rest of this update entry...
  12. erenkara

    Skript Gui, shift clicking?

    you are setting gui1 but cancelling gui...
  13. erenkara

    Skript Gui, shift clicking?

    dont test guis in creative mode
  14. erenkara

    Solved How would I go about fixing this so it works as intended?

    - store every gem in a list variable starting from 0 set {gem::0} to ... Pristine +5 - whenever they respawn, give them the next one on respawn: add 1 to {deaths::%player's uuid%} # you can use statistic expression from skbee if you are feeling fancy give player {gem::%{deaths::%player's...
  15. erenkara

    Health ActionBar

    %loop-player's health%