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  1. Epicskymi

    I got some problems with variables in flatfile.

    the cvs file writes the latest value but doesn't remove the old ones for some reason so this isn't unintended behavior
  2. Epicskymi

    News BETA Release of the skUnity Parser

    dam I didn't think you were still actively doing skript stuff baefell this looks nice
  3. Epicskymi


    sure wont
  4. Epicskymi

    The Lime Tree | LimeGlass's Addon shop

    agreed what a dum system I pay for something but you still own it
  5. Epicskymi

    Structure Block

    paste schematic using skstuff
  6. Epicskymi

    How can i set the player level max to 100

    use on level change: to keep it from going over 100 set level of player to 100
  7. Epicskymi

    I need help with skellett's MySQL

    use skript-db its safer and better
  8. Epicskymi

    skDragon NyanCat

    look at the docs
  9. Epicskymi

    Solved 1.12 NBT error

    you do not need tag you need to have a value for custom nbt {Whatever:hello} or {Whatever:1} if you want multiple "{Whatever:1, Whatever2: test}"
  10. Epicskymi

    Solved Staff Auth getting IPS?

    its why I linked just ok login
  11. Epicskymi

    Solved Staff Auth getting IPS?
  12. Epicskymi

    Getting the last attacker

    use a variable
  13. Epicskymi

    Hofu Network is Recruiting (Non-paid for now)

    he is in the right section read before you talk my friend, you link the section but don't read the rules of it quality
  14. Epicskymi

    Solved Massive lag spikes caused by time interval events

    if we learn 3rd grade reading it says Cannot write variables to the database 'default' at sufficient speed now using some reading comprehension we can figure out that your saving to many variables to quickly
  15. Epicskymi

    Hiring Hofu is Hiring!

    Hiring req's payment move to the request section for this shiz