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    {Bungee} Report not work (Skelletcord}

    Hoi, im testing to make a report system (Bungeecord) but when i type /report By_mauri Hacks this error comes: Full Code:
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    Costum Nbt Head's in a GUI?

    Hey how i can make a Costum Nbt Head in a Gui?
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    Solved Download SkStuff?

    Where is the Download of SkStuff? on, when i click there on Download there is a Error? Where i can Download the Newest version
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    Solved Mob counter not work?

    Hey! I need help because my skript not work :V Here is Skript: on death of a witch: if name of witch contains "Tutorial": if attacker is a player: if {TuTorial.%player%.KilledMobs} is not 3: add 1 to {TuTorial.%player%.KilledMobs} send...
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    Why is my Money Skript not Work?

    Hey! idk why This Skript not work :/ Can anyone help me? command /pay <text=help> <player>: permission: * trigger: if arg-1 is set: if arg-2 is not set: message "" message "&6&l✩&a&l&oMoney&6&l✩" message "&7-&8/&6Pay...