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  1. D4isDAVID

    Script ChatItem - Small Fixes

    Dependencies have been updated to Skript 2.6.4+ and SkBee 2.15.0+. Fixed Messages changing big/small letters in player names, prefixes, etc. Removed a single word (which was added by the One Word Update) to remove a warning since SkBee updated its syntax again.
  2. D4isDAVID


    D4isDAVID updated ChatItem with a new update entry: Small Fixes Read the rest of this update entry...
  3. D4isDAVID

    Script ChatItem - Troubles With Chat Format

    This update adds a new config option and a new feature that fixes some annoyances when directly including the message inside of the chat format instead of using [message]. Added New config option to grab the item amount from the entire inventory instead of only from the item stack. Chat format...
  4. D4isDAVID

    Script ChatItem - Fix for SkBee 2.8.3+

    SkBee 2.8.3 broke some of the current script functionality, causing the messages of players to be split into multiple lines when using keywords. The script has been updated accordingly with additional changes and as a result only supports SkBee 2.4.0+. Changed The script now removes color...
  5. D4isDAVID

    Script ChatItem - Small Fix

    Fixed Messages ending with a keyword followed by its type showing the item twice ([hand]hand ➔ [hand][hand]).
  6. D4isDAVID

    Script ChatItem - Wait a Tick

    Fixed Default chat format sometimes being used instead of the one set by another script. Fixed by waiting a tick (Skript currently doesn't support event priorities for the chat event).
  7. D4isDAVID

    Script ChatItem - Rewrite

    The script has been rewritten, making the code more bearable. As a result the script now only works correctly with SkBee 1.16+. The source code is also now stored on GitHub Gist instead of Pastebin. The changelog below may have some things missing, since I'm not entirely sure that I checked...
  8. D4isDAVID

    Script ChatItem - One Word Update

    SkBee had its syntax changed a bit so I had to add just 1 word in order for the script to work again. The script now requires SkBee 1.15+
  9. D4isDAVID

    Solved Need help to update player to player's uuid

    Try using uuid of {_player} instead of {_player}'s uuid
  10. D4isDAVID

    Solved if amount of {VARİABLE}

    But what did you set {itemtype.%player%} to?
  11. D4isDAVID

    Command Tab

    The script is correct, what I previously meant is you can't stop people from pressing tab and seeing all the commands available to them.
  12. D4isDAVID

    Clicked Slot

    I am not the OP of this thread.
  13. D4isDAVID

    Clicked Slot

    clicked raw slot is incorrect. Try using index of clicked slot.
  14. D4isDAVID

    Script ChatItem - More Keywords

    Added more keywords. The config now uses {name} for the item name instead of {item}.
  15. D4isDAVID

    Command Tab

    Actually, it might not be possible right now to cancel all tab completions.