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  1. BrettPlayMC

    3 years of SkUnity.

    Bit late but the forums are now over 3 years old, pretty cool. I think more advertising needs to be done of the forums as they are kind of dead with people only really posting request threads and never receiving answers.
  2. BrettPlayMC

    No longer using Skript.

    No longer using Skript.
  3. BrettPlayMC

    block version

    Yes, check the docs.
  4. BrettPlayMC

    Solved Punishment GUI

    You need to do: command /punish [<offline player>] [<text>] [<text>]:
  5. BrettPlayMC

    Solved Punishment GUI

    Format it using code blocks.
  6. BrettPlayMC

    News skUnity API v2 Roadmap

    I am confused. Chronologically this makes no sense, don't you mean Q1-4 2020? Though, unless you mean "by the end of 2019..." and then put a splitter to signify what you have done so far in Q1 and Q2 of 2019 so far then that would make more sense...
  7. BrettPlayMC


    What are the errors when you try to run that Script?
  8. BrettPlayMC


  9. BrettPlayMC

    Please Please Please i need help!!

    Yeah, not ever going to happen for free. Post this here and state your budget:
  10. BrettPlayMC

    custom permissions arent working

    Use the help format. Do you have vault?
  11. BrettPlayMC

    Graves - 1.7 thru 1.14

    Um so where is the script?
  12. BrettPlayMC

    This is not ok,

    This is not ok,
  13. BrettPlayMC

    Help please

    Use the format at the top of this section in this thread.
  14. BrettPlayMC

    Simple /sell skript that lowers value of items that are sold frequently

    First, use the request format. Though I think this fits more in the hiring section.
  15. BrettPlayMC

    Prison /Upgrade Skript.

    Use uuid of arg-1.