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  1. BaeFell

    What lol

    What lol
  2. BaeFell

    Cloudflare keeps triggering that for some reason, but the site isn't down. If that happens, just refresh the page and it should go away. If it keeps happening, drop me a DM on here or on Discord (same username)
  3. BaeFell

    Tablist Ranks after order

    This is back now.
  4. BaeFell

    Solved Improving my Skript

    I'd still be careful with adding colour codes. Could still be faked by someone, although can't remember if anvils let you put & in. If you've got Vault installed, you can do add {_amount} to balance of player
  5. BaeFell

    Solved Any working skript-database addon for 2.8?

    You need to do '%uuid of {_p}%' as it's a string
  6. BaeFell

    Script Tools Script Deobfuscator (WildSkript + Obfuskator 2.0.5)

    I don't understand what you mean.
  7. BaeFell

    Happy belated birthday!

    Happy belated birthday!
  8. BaeFell

    Script Tools Script Deobfuscator (WildSkript + Obfuskator 2.0.5)

    Send me a copy of the script and I'll take a look.
  9. BaeFell

    Official skUnity Discord Roles Explained

    The skUnity Discord features many roles. This tutorial will explain what each role is there for, how it can be attained, and the responsibilities of the role. These roles aren't in the same order as how the skUnity Discord lists them. Instead, they're somewhat grouped by how similar they are...
  10. BaeFell

    I want to know Skript and skRayfall version that works properly in java 8

    skRayFall hasn't been updated in nearly 2 years. It seems like the author may have abandoned the addon.
  11. BaeFell

    Bomb skript on right click doesn't work

    Yep. Although you don't need to put your entire post in that code section, just the code itself. I'm pretty sure name of block in your right click event is probably where it's not working. A good tip is try debugging by messaging what the if is. So: on right click with stick: message "name...
  12. BaeFell

    Bomb skript on right click doesn't work

    The reason your code had :P in it. If you put it in code blocks by clicking the </> icon in the toolbar of where you type, it'll stop emojis from appearing.
  13. BaeFell

    Bomb skript on right click doesn't work

    You gotta put your code in [code]<code goes here>[/ code] (without the space)
  14. BaeFell

    Addon Skript

    BaeFell updated Skript with a new update entry: Skript 2.8.0 Read the rest of this update entry...
  15. BaeFell

    Help with Skript Variables and yaml files.

    Skript doesn't support YAML files natively. You'll need an addon to do this.