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  1. Aidanete

    health Crystal

    on rightclick: player's tool is red dye named "&5Health Crystal": heal the player by 5 hearts damage the player's tool by 5 I think this will work but I'm not sure You should use an item that can receive damage or something like that.
  2. Aidanete

    On exp pickup?

    Eh, probably don't, but you can search the docs for info
  3. Aidanete

    AntiSk is great!

    AntiSk is great!
  4. Aidanete

    Solved death cancel drops of items

    on death: set {level::%player%} to player's level on respawn: set player's level to {level::%player%} delete {level::%player%} # This is for saving fewer variables as possible to improve performance @cvcv789789
  5. Aidanete

    How to make an update checker with Reqn and github?

    Don't worry, I did that. My API will have an update checker. :D
  6. Aidanete

    How to make an update checker with Reqn and github?

    It's strange because I did it in another way and works. But thank you anyway :emoji_smiley:
  7. Aidanete

    How to make an update checker with Reqn and github?

    I see that Reqn can be used for this with github, and I don't know how to do it. Can anyone help me?
  8. Aidanete

    NPC Wings

    Wait, it's an entity npc or a citizens npc?
  9. Aidanete

    This effect is not working and I don't know why

    Probably is better there, but I'm a little more comfortable here than there, any discord server that is not mine or a near friend's one is for me a little unconfortable. So, I'm a little scared. Maybe if you know how to make the code I post there show as a code like in darker gray for...
  10. Aidanete

    Solved Push the expression-1 not working [Skript-mirror]

    This don't works and I don't know why? effect make %entity% jump: trigger: push the expression-1 upwards with speed 0.5 This is supposed to make the player jump, of course speed 0.5 is a test value and I want to find the correct speed, anyway, this is not working and the log says...
  11. Aidanete

    This effect is not working and I don't know why

    @ShaneBee Yup, I tested with a book and don't works, yes I have worldedit and the compass says that, but I don't have essentials. @Efnilite Yes, I have issues often with skript, and I'm on the discord of SkUnity, but I didn't ask anything yet there.
  12. Aidanete

    Solved Anyway to detect the hitten block of a projectile hit event?

    Thank you very much, but I ask this on the add-on suggestions and btk5h tell me that way. As I'm creating an API/Addon (If you can tell me what is it, better) with skript-mirror, I created a syntax for this thing.
  13. Aidanete

    Script NBTSk [Help with NBT in items with scripting] - NBTSk now can detect if it is installed or not. This has an important future use

    Now NBTSk can detect if the script is installed and enabled on the server, I'm working on an API (I think its an api) that will have some conditions with this script.
  14. Aidanete

    Necessary expressions for addons

    Lol, thank you very much! :emoji_smile:
  15. Aidanete

    Necessary expressions for addons

    And how do I create an expression like "hitten block" and then use it in this code: on projectile hit: projectile is an egg: shooter is a player: hitten block is tnt: set block at location of hitten block to air create an explosion of force...