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    Solved Adding / Subtracting Numbers From Variables

    I figured it out if anyone wants the answer, it's: subtract 1 from {variable}
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    help me in head

    on right click: if tool of player is skull: make console execute "fly %player%"
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    Variable Set To Integer 1-100, can it select one?

    command /thedailycrate: cooldown: 1 second cooldown message: &f[&e&lWystrn&f] &cThere is a 1 day cooldown. Be patient! trigger: set {_random} to a random integer between 1 and 100 open chest with 1 row named "&2Daily Crate" to player message "&f[&eWystrn&f]...
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    Per World Inventory

    Thank you!
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    Solved Adding / Subtracting Numbers From Variables

    I have a skript that has the following code. I have tried several different ways. on block break: if event-block is white wool: subtract 1 from {gens.%player%} message "&cRemoving generator! &4(%{gens.%player%}%&4/25) on break of white wool or black wool: if...
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    Per World Inventory

    I'm wondering if it is possible to create a Per World Inventory plugin. I tried Multiverse-Inventory, but it glitches out my server and prevents me from logging in so I'm not able to use it. I have several worlds and am in need of this. Thanks!
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    Teleporting player with Skript- Wrong world.

    I have 2 worlds: Lobby and Minigames. You are in the world Minigames and you right click a sign. It teleports you to coordinates in the world Minigames. When I do it, it teleports me to those coordinates in Lobby world. The plugins I have are Skript and SkQuery. For the last line, I have...
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    Help with skript (if player has permission, do xyz...)

    I tried that before, and it still told the person with the permission GP.shovel.admin how much time was remaining. I even gave the staff no permissions for the rank GP.shovel.use
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    Help with skript (if player has permission, do xyz...)

    Hi! My skript I'm trying to create is to give out a golden shovel. If the player has the permission "GP.shovel", they can type the command "/shovel" (which every rank has.) If the player has the permission "GP.shovel.use", they can receive one golden shovel per five minutes. It will then send...
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    Trying to stop loop but can't

    (I had troubles finding where to put it) It's working now. Thanks!
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    Trying to stop loop but can't

    Hi! The script I am writing is supposed to give the player 1 stick and 2 iron ingots, each 3 items with 50 second intervals inbetween. The only problem is, I only want this to occur in the world "pvp". I used a loop so it would save a lot of space, but I can't seem to stop the loop. I have also...
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    Can't stop loop?

    I have a simple script, but I can't find out how to stop this loop. Can anyone help me? The error message I get is: can't stop any loops as there are no loops present (, line 15: exit 1 loop')