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Sponsors Box

Jul 6, 2020
Sponsors Box
  • Sponsors Box

    How to get your advert or sponsorship logo in the Sponsors box

    Looking for some exposure for your site, service, Minecraft Server or something else you've made? Then look no further than advertising on skUnity. Our adverts are ran locally and for the benefit of skUnity. All money made from the Sponsors Box is to help skUnity stay up and expand the services we provide.

    For advertising, here are the prices:
    1 week: $20
    2 weeks: $35
    4 weeks: $65
    Need longer? Offer a price

    VIP and VIP+ have access to exclusive prices:
    1 week: $15
    2 weeks: $30
    4 weeks: $60
    Need longer? Offer a price

    While the prices may seem high, the Forums are a very busy section of skUnity. Statistics provided by cPanel for October, 2017 (Figures in parentheses refer to the 7-day period ending October 11th, 2017 at 2:16 PM):

    Successful requests: 38,630,011 (1,193,454)
    Average successful requests per day: 187,618 (170,493)
    Successful requests for pages: 1,439,708 (40,340)
    Average successful requests for pages per day: 6,992 (5,762)
    Distinct files requested: 1,774,843 (2,901,100)
    Data transferred: 476.16 gigabytes (36.86 gigabytes)
    Average data transferred per day: 2.31 gigabytes (5.27 gigabytes)
    Total bandwidthused: 112.18 gigabytes

    skUnity Forums has at of 17:00 BST, 01/04/2018, 6088 users, 5844 of which are not banned.

    Sponsorship deals with skUnity are different than just advertising. By sponsoring with skUnity, we expect to share logos across the sites or have a service provided to skUnity. For example, an upcoming hosting provider, provides skUnity with a xenForo License to operate the Forums.

    If you're looking at advertising with skUnity or sponsoring/partnering with skUnity, PM BaeFell.

    - The "Sponsors Box" refers to a part of the site called "Sponsors". This is the only place where advertising content is shown
    - skUnity reserves the right to end any agreements made in regards to sponsorship and advertising, at any time with or without reason.
    - Image content put into the Sponsors Box must be safe for viewing by anyone. The image will be sent via PM to BaeFell, store by skUnity and then served to visitors. At no point are external URLs allowed. We reserve the right to refuse any changes to the advert/sponsorship
    - skUnity reserves all rights unless explicitly stated elsewhere.