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Jan 25, 2017
Wiki Index
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    Everyone is welcome to help edit the skUnity Wiki to keep it up to date. While contributing to the Wiki, we ask that you provide accurate and helpful information to every article. Any members that continuously provide false information will have their Wiki privileges removed and might be removed from the Forums all together.

    To edit a page click the _edit_ button, located on the top right of the page body. Note that any page that are _locked_ are only editable by certain Roles. Be sure to check the Page List first before creating a new page. To create a page click the Create New Page link in the sub-nav. We ask that you follow and use the page templates and also preview the page before submitting.


    Before you join and ask for support, we ask that you read our Forum Rules. Once read, you can join our Forums and start getting support from several of our categories. You can also join our Discord to get further (and sometimes faster) help on small issues. You will find the same staff team located on our Discord server and will get the same level of support as if you were posting on the Forums.
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