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How to Submit Resources

Jan 25, 2017
How to Submit Resources
  • How To Submit Resources

    Submit your resource for downloading

    Submitting a resource is really easy and should only take a few minutes to do! Follow the steps below to have a resource uploaded in no time!

    1. Be sure you read About Resources and that you are in line with any of the rules provided
    2. Go to the Resources page of the site
    3. Click on the Add Resource button on the left
    4. Select a resource category
    5. Fill out the Title section, which requires a prefix (one provided) and a version
    6. Enter a catchy tagline
    7. Select how users will download your resource
    8. Fill out the description with detailed information about your resource
      • Include what the resource is about, how to use it, any Commands, syntax, etc that are included. If it is a script, be sure to include what addons and version of Skript you used.
    9. Include any tags that can be used for searching
    10. Include with Minecraft version your resource supports
    11. (Optional) Include an informational webpage that might give users more information about the resource
    12. (Optional) Include a support url where users can get support outside of skUnity (ie: Discord servers, Skype chats)
    13. Upload a resource icon to help distinguish your resource from the rest
    14. Preview!
    15. Save!
    Your resource will be uploaded and reviewed by a member of our staff.